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I realised that having my own domain is way cooler and sounds more professional. Therefore I have made the shift.

In addition, there are many features and plugins that were no available on the free version of wordpress. Now I am able to tap into Google Analytics at the very least.

Just do it!

just do it

Starting out from the free WordPress version helped in making the transition smoother as I was already used to using the Dashboard. Now, there are more options for me to explore!

I am still currently in the process of getting used to the new system. However, the transition has been quite smooth. I had imagined it to be a terrible pain and headache, and it was not as bad as I had imagine. It never is.

Hint: for people who are hesitating on taking action for whatever you have planned, just do it. It usually never is as painful as you think it’d be!

Things to look out for…


Prior to making the shift, I had been researching for the BEST way to get my own domain and hosting. I had stumbled upon a video that taught me to get a domain at GoDaddy, and then transfer the domain to Bluehost.

One thing to note about the internet, it EVOLVES quickly! My fault for not checking the upload date of that video, which I think was about 3 years back.

Anyway, as of a week ago (5 June 2014), GoDaddy is implementing a requirement from ICANN, which only allows a NEW domain to be transferred to another hosting company AFTER 60 DAYS!

I did not want to wait 60 DAYS for the subtle lessons to go live!

Any one who is looking to implement the above method of getting a domain and hosting, PLEASE TAKE NOTE! 60 DAYS is not worth it, imagine the time lost and money waste, especially if you had already paid for hosting.

I cancelled my domain under GoDaddy and had to WAIT for 7 DAYS for them to release it back into the market. In the end, I bought the domain directly from Bluehost together with the hosting. The GOOD news is, Bluehost gives you ONE FREE DOMAIN, for ONE YEAR when you sign up with them.


Visit the all new the subtle lessons now!

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