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A timely secret and an honest confession

In today’s post, I will share a secret that I have uncovered recently. Sometimes, life’s secrets are very obvious but we just fail to pick them up unless someone points it out to us. In my case, a situation led me to the discovery of this secret. And now, I am sharing it with you…time

Let me start by explaining the situation, for some context.

The situation

Many people were asking me why did I become skinnier and more tan. So here goes, for past 6 months, I was working 7 days a week.

bad situation

I do not know if I worked purely for the money, or to avoid some other reality,  but that will be for another post.

So anyway, I realised that by working everyday for the past few months, that I am allowing all my employers to determine how much my time is worth.

And it was then that i realised, i have stumbled onto this little known secret.  you actually GET to decide how much your time is actually WORTH!


So back to my story…

I realised that on weekdays, my time is worth about $15 per hour, and on weekends, my time is worth $20 per hour.

Don’t give your power away..
When you give away the power to determine your time value, you lose control over your potential.
..or you will end up limiting yourself


By choosing to play in the system of being an employee for 7 days a week, I had a base time-value (something that many people over value) BUT at the same time, I have a ceiling over the potential of my time value. So in those past 6 months, my time-value varied from $15-20 per hour. And it could only vary within that range. 

I was burnt out. falling sick often, feeling tired for the majority of the time that I was awake. And I felt hopeless and totally unable to control my own path and destiny.

Taking action over a decision

So just a few weeks back, I finally made up my mind to cut down on my weekend job. I have successfully cleared off a day! (success starts from a small step, ok!)

Having the power to decide…
is empowering and uplifting to the spirits.

With the extra time that is within my control, I am able to decide how much my time can be worth now. I can choose to spend the day with my family, or spend it building a business that will provide greater upside in the future. Just by re-gaining the power I have over of a single day in a week, I can now decide to work on increasing the ceiling on my time value.

I urge you to think about a few things today…
  • What is your time value?
  • Who determines your time value?

Is it being determined by someone else, or do you have control over your OWN worth?

If you are looking to build a business and increase the upside to your time-value, connect with me on Facebook.

Remember, whatever the situation you are in currently, you had a hand in it. After all, the initial decision to hand over your power for a limited time value, was made by you. Its time to reclaim your control.

Its time to reclaim your power. Its time  Its reclaim your destiny.

If you are looking to build a business and increase your potential worth, connect with me on Facebook.


Goals — break em down

goalBuilding on a previous post on taking intention driven action, I have started to break down my long term goals into daily achievable “to-do” lists.

Here’s what I have picked up from this practice.

1. Limit the number of goals per day.

Currently, I use a notepad which is about 9cm X 9cm to list my goals.

As a working adult with a full time job, the time i have left to fulfill my goals on weekdays is very limited. So my WEEKDAY goals are limited to half that notepad. WEEKEND goals go onto the full notepad.

2. Remember to be SMART.


Make use of the SMART principle to set your daily goals. Goals have to be specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-bound.

“Read book X” is not specific enough. “Read X number of pages or chapters of book X” is.

For my daily goals, the dateline would be by the end of the day or before I hit the sack. If a goal/action was not done, I dont get to go to bed yet.

3. Celebrate


Once you have cleared your “to-do” list for the day, create one for the next day. Then…CELEBRATE! Watch some TV, hangout with friends, surf facebook, play some games, do whatever you want to reward yourself!

Don’t be in a rush to get to tomorrow’s list. Learn to take breaks and reward yourself. I have found that this will help improve consistency and maintain your interest.

Have fun!

 If you have any additional tips to share, please leave a comment!:)

Social Media Goldmine Seminar – Time

social mediaJust went for a social media seminar 2 days ago.

Learnt a whole ton of information in a short 2.5 hours.

Short digression.

time is in your hands

This seminar really affirmed my belief that we should fully make use of our time. This is particularly true since I have started working full time and realised that I have so little time left to do what I wish to do. Rather than spending the day at work and the night at home watching the telly, I decided to make full use of the precious evenings I have left. Thus, I have been attending seminars and talks whenever possible.

In addition to fully utilising your time, its also important for us to get out of our comfort zone and industry once in a while and network with people of other industries! Who knows, new ideas and collaborations may even be borne from such interactions!

Anyway, back to the point, the social media seminar.

There was a whole ton of information being shared by 3 speakers in the short 2.5hours. I am currently still arranging and reviewing my notes. Will share more in the next few posts!

In the meantime, here’s one of the first and major tip that I took away from the seminar;


Sharing is caring!

Share, share, share!

Always seek to share information with your audience and educate them, rather than hoarding all your information.

This will give your audience value and at the same time, allow you to brand yourself as an authority in your industry.

Start sharing today!

be careful what you wish for

genie_wishHave you heard of the Law of Attraction? If you have, did you know it works both ways?

Usually when we read about the law of attraction, it is always in the positive terms. Since we DO want to attract the positives into our lives.

However, I would like to warn you that the law of attraction does work both ways. So be careful of what you are attracting.

I recently just experienced this. Had been telling myself that I do not have enough time. And along the midst of things, I took up more responsibilities and commitments. Looking back, I actually had alot of time back then. But I wasnt aware of it. Only recently, I realised that now both my weekends amd weekdays are booked full.

So be careful of what you think and attract. I too, have to change me thinking. Its all about time management. Everyone has the amount of time, everyone has 24 a day. Why is it some appear to always have time and some never do? The only difference, is US.


predictably irrationalChapter 9 from Dan Ariely’s book, Predictably Irrational talks about the irrational behavior of wanting to keep as many opportunities open. I have and still am still carrying out this peculiar behavior. I have always linked my unwillingness to give up on opportunities, on greed. I am greedy because I still do not know what I truly what to do. I am greedy because I am worried that one of the doors that I close might actually be my ‘destined path’.

However, something that the author pointed out stuck me. He reminded readers to look at this issue from another perspective. He suggested that we should consider all the time we are wasting and memories missed, just from our unwillingness to decide on a door.

It stuck me that this boils down to the fear of loss. However, we only seem to feel this fear of loss towards the things that we have or we might have. Sadly, we ultimately still end up losing. We now need to be able to look at the whole picture and weigh the consequence of losing possible opportunities and the consequence of losing irreversible TIME.

Life is a GAME

razerTuned in to a sharing session by Tan Min Liang, one of the co-founders of Razer yesterday.

In his short 10 mins talk, he shared three thing he had learnt from his journey;

1. Wasting time may not be a bad thing.

He shared that there were many who have told him that playing games was a waste of his time. However, he felt that those experiences became an asset when he started Razer. Therefore, he shared it might not be a bad thing to ‘waste time’. Your experiences can become your knowledge, your asset.
2. Dont work so hard

In short, he shared that if you feel that you have to put in effort and work hard for something, it may not be your passion. IF you are doing what you enjoy, it will not feel like hard work. It will be FUN.
3. Its ok to get an F. Its not going to get reflected in the things that you want to really do. Failure is great in many ways.

Failure is not the end of the world. Your F on the report card will be forgotten in time to come.

Very interesting sharing session. Thank goodness they had a webcast, glad I didnt miss the sharing.

Great points shared. What struck me the most is the amount of emphasis he placed on having fun and enjoying the process rather than worrying and fretting over the possible returns that particular products would bring. Through the talk, the message I received was the need to relax and to just enjoy the process. Worrying and being uptight about the income did not come into play. Afterall, life is a GAME so do the things you want to do, for the FUN of it. Challenges and obstacles will be present, but just stick at it, be creative and you will eventually find a way to clear the stage.

[Quote] Don’t wait

timeHow wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before staring to improve the world” – Anne Frank

The quote said it all. What can we do today to improve the world? I believe that one does not have to do something as dramatic as moving mountains to change the world, let us start with the people around us.

live in the moment


“The time is now” seemed to be the theme of my day. From the random readings on facebook in the morning, to the meeting in the afternoon, and the audiobook in the evening, today’s lesson was to live in the moment.

Stop worrying about the future or regretting about the past. Make FULL use of your time NOW. Procrastination means something will never get done. Regretting means you aren’t moving forward. Every moment spent procrastinating, worrying or regretting, is a WASTED moment. Or becomes another moment which you will spend the next moment regretting about. As people always say, “Live your life to the fullest”, “make use of every moment!”

The boss pointed out two main factors for success in today’s meeting; ambition and self-control (or time management). Know your goal (for the particular phase of life you are currently in), focus on it and do not get tempted or distracted by whatever comes your way.