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powerful advise


Here’s a powerful advise I picked up from a speaker.

What you are in business, is simply what others say you are” – Ronald Lye

When in business, it does not matter how you perceive your company.  All that matters is how your POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS perceive your company.

Beyond the product or service that you provide, manage your BRAND effectively.

Here are 4 questions to ponder upon;

  • How does your targeted customers perceive your company?

Do some research to determine this. Do not assume anything. What you think of your company may not be what your potential customers ACTUALLY think.

  • Is your company a good fit for your target customer group? 

Know your target customers. Does your brand resonate with them? Does the tone of your brand agree with their thoughts and emotions?

  • Are the values of your company in line with those of your target customers?

Again, know your target customers. What are their values? What are the values of your company? Are these values being reflected in your marketing campaign and your brand?

  • Are there any features that set your brand apart from your competitors?

Does your brand stand out in the marketplace? Does your customers know that you are THE  business to turn to? What separates you from your competitors? Remember, the marketplace is a very noisy place, you need to stand out in order to attract customers.

Now that you have pondered upon these questions, I hope you have identified gaps that can be filled to boost your business!

Have a great weekend ahead:)