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Power of ASKING

askThis is something that I have picked up recently.

The Power of ASKING.

Many times, we have people who we look up to, or who we want to model. However, it feels as though those people are in a different world or dimension. And that makes them feel unapproachable.

The secret here is just to REACH OUT to those people DIRECTLY. Get an email, or follow them on social media, and just shoot them your questions.

Many of these people are VERY WILLING to help others. And, if they are very active on social media, there’s a higher chance of them replying. Because they are on social media to REACH OUR to people like US!

I hope you can take this lesson and put it to use! Look for ways to CONNECT with the people whom you wish to MODEL.

All the best to your success!

Yen Yee


Types of guidance

In today’s post, I’ll talk about the type of guidance you should seek in your journey to success.


On your path to your goals, you will definitely meet many outstanding individuals. However, not all of them will be suitable mentors to seek out.

Here are 4 points to look out:

1. Do they have the success that YOU want for yourself?


This is the key to seeking out mentors and teachers. They have to be individuals who have achieved what you want to achieve.

By seeking out and modeling individuals who have achieved what you want, you’ll be sure that you are going in the right direction. In addition, with the guidance of these individuals, you may be able to avoid the pitfalls that most people fall for.

2. Mentor vs Senior

Once you have sought out the people who have achieved what you’d want to, differentiate between your seniors and your mentors.


According to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, an individual draws his motivation from different needs. A person will only seek to fulfill ‘higher needs’ once the ‘lower needs’ have been fulfilled. (based on the diagram above)

Therefore, it will be useful for one to differentiate between a teacher and a senior. It is good to surround yourself with like minded individuals and seniors, and it would be better to always seek out advise from the teacher.

3. Be the kind of person you’d like to mentor

A mentor is there to guide you and advise you, a mentor is not a boss who’d breath down your next if you did not do what they told you to.

Imagine that you are successful and have a hugh team of 100 people whom wants some of your time, one to one. You told this 100 people to come for a training event that is to be carried out by one of your top team member, and only 5 turned up.

Would you concentrate on guiding the 5 who came, or would you spend time chasing the 95 who did not turn up?


No one likes to herd cats, especially if time is important to them. Finding a mentor is not too difficult, making yourself coachable is the KEY.

4. All in

After checking off the first two points, there’s only one thing left to do. Listen to what your mentor says, follow what they do, and carry out their instructions.

You have already spend the time and effort seeking out your mentor, and they have already decided to guide you, so don’t screw anything up at the last step.

Listen, absorb and go all in. Follow their advise and participate fully!

If you are seeking out young and successful mentors who are retired and living life full, connect with me on Facebook

I wish you success in your journey:)

Formula to Life


Think that life is complicated? Think again.

In this blog post, i’ll share with you what i think is the cheatsheet formula to life. Here are some clues;
1. It isnt as complicated as you think
2. Many others before us have followed this  simple formula, and succeeded.

Ready for the cheatsheet to Life?

Here it comes:
Choose ONE thing that interest you, go all in, and become an expert at what you do.

Dont believe me?
Check out the successful people around you. I’m sure most of them spend majority of their time getting involved and excelling in their own industry.

Try it!

And share your results with me in the comments below..

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Pick me up quotes!

Just wanted to share some thought provoking and uplifting quotes today!

“We cannot change the cards we were dealt, just how we play the hands” – Randy Pausch


“The wise man does at once what the fool does finally” – Niccolo Machiavelli
“You learn things in adversity that you would never have discover without trouble. There is always a seed of hope”- Og Mandino
og mandino
“The foolish man seeks happiness in the distance, the wise man grows it under his feet “- James Oppenheim
Spread Happiness!



i used to think that networking is for the weak. I used to think that it’s a form of weakness to have to rely on others.

How wrong was I. There is only so much one can do, even superman can only be at one place at one time.


Plus, networking opens up the opportunities you have access to. Imagine trying to walk into a restricted site by yourself. you will probably be stopped and rejected at the gate. But, if u know someone who works there, you will probably have a greater chance of entering. In summary, your network helps to open opportunities.

As the saying goes; “your network is your net worth.” If the successful people are saying this, then who am I to think that networking is for the weak?

Leave a comment, share your views. 🙂

so you are worried about what THEY think…?


We are used to hearing encouragement like; “don’t worry about what others think”. Its easier said than done. Honest.

But wait, who are ‘THEY’?

Let’s look at this problem from another perspective. Let’s shift the focus from the “don’t worry” to the “others”. Who are these group of people? These “others”, these “they”. Before we worry about what this group of people even think about us, lets find out WHO on earth these people are.

Here are the major categories:

1. Family

The blood related people, and their loved ones. They can be broken down into smaller groups; the parents, the siblings, the close relatives, the ‘annual gathering’ folks. The emphasis of our fear of what they think about us also ranks in the same order.

Nothing much we can do about this group, since they are family. Nothing much we can do except to brush off or grow beyond our fear of what they think about us. Except of the last group; the ‘annual gathering’ folks whom we only worry about once a year.


2. “Friends”

This is a another major group of people. “Friends” is a pretty general group. Let’s avoid lumping all acquaintances in this group.

Let’s break this big group down.

Close friends. Or not.

Or, a better way to break down this group is; successful friends (ie. friends who you want to be like) and average friends (ie. friends whose situations are not particularly attractive to you). Note: this is not meant to bring down anyone. The definition of a successful and an average person depends on you. If you are pursuing music, a successful person may be one who is in a well known, great sounding band as compared to a regular blogger like me.)

Once you break this major group of people down into the successful and the average group, it is so much easier to overcome the fear of being judge. Think it through before you worry. Would you care about what an average person thinks about you when you are successful? Heck, how would the average person think about you once YOU are successful?

Source: http://www.indoforum.org

Remember the saying; “your net worth is determined by your network”

Success is a TEAM sport


Picked up something these past few weeks.

“Humans are social beings”. and that “Success is a team sport”.

A “mastermind” or “inner circle” is generally a group of people sharing the same goal in mind.

This group would consist of a mentor who has “been there, done that” and who will guide and advise to help the group members to avoid possible traps that he/she has been through. The group would also tend to consist of other members who are your peers. They will also be great accountability partners who will cheer you on and make sure that you attain your goals. The group would work together, with the mentor in helm, and will spur each other on to action. Working together and celebrating together, results of the group members will serve to motivate other members to greater heights.

It may not be a must, but having an inner circle will help to speed up and make your journey more interesting and fun. Of course being in an inner circle would require one to be equally motivated and focused on the general goal of the team.

For whatever you are working on and planning to achieve, do you have a inner circle or a group of friends who are supporting you, as well as each other?

Or if you are looking for one to aid you in your financial or blogging success, why not join me? Shoot me a facebook message or shoutout!:D

[Review] Singapore’s lost son

singapore's lost son
Singapore’s Lost Son: How I Made It from Drop-Out to Millionaire Princeton PhD

A book with a mere 200 pages carrying many life lessons, Singapore’s lost son by Kaiwen Leong is a great read. The author has seamlessly structured the book in a manner that allows him to use each of his personal heartfelt stories to bring forth an important life lesson. This made reading pleasantly easy and at the same time, highlights the importance of values and attitudes the author shares.

Through the book, the author has shared personal stories from his experience, and many values he had picked up along the way. However, there were two main values overshadowing throughout the book.

One, to believe in oneself and persist even when the odds are against you. This was to me, the main lesson in the early part of the book where we read about the author’s struggle in Singapore’s education system. His strong belief in himself struck me. If someone whom the society has deemed to be a failure can ignore what the world is saying and continue to trust himself and know his goal, why cant I?

Two, to give back to society. This was the greatest value that I thought the author was touching upon towards the end of the book. After he had achieved his initial goal, and was doing financially well, he came back to his home country. This was a strong lesson for me as I felt that there was no reason for him to return should he not choose to. After all the ‘abuse’ he had received from the society while he was growing up, no one would judge him or force him to return, but he did. And to top it up, serve as an educator even though it was the education system that brought him down in the first place. Kudos to him.

All in all, this book was a great read, and it warrants subsequent rereads because the stories shared and lessons taught may reveal different meaning to a different me, at a different time of life.


Source: http://www.internetmonk.com/wp-content/uploads/man-faces-in-mirror.jpg

Just read about “the window and the mirror” observation from Jim Collins’ “Good to Great”

The observation was identified in both level 5 leaders and non-level 5 leaders. Level 5 leaders are those whom were able to bring a good company into sustainable greatness.

In good times, Level 5 Leaders tend to “look out the window” and attribute the company’s success to factors outside themselves. In trouble, Level 5 leaders tend to “look in the mirror” and claim responsibility.

On the other hand, non-level 5 leaders tend to “look out the window” in bad times, and “look in the mirror” in good times.

This is a great lesson for both leaders and individuals. To blame others is to shun responsibility and admit that you do not have control over the situation.  Although taking responsibility is a simple lesson which we have been taught from young, it is not as easy to carry out. At times, it is easier to blame others and make excuses.

Let us make a mental note about this lesson, and take responsibility for our OWN success. No one is responsible for YOUR success. No one is OBLIGED to make YOU a success.