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Rediscover Your Purpose

As I have shared on ezinearticles.com… What is Your PURPOSE? Your DREAM? Your WHY.

Most people go through life without know their purpose. Knowing their purpose in life has help and spurred many individuals to success. Most of us would have some sort of dream while we were growing up. And yet, most of us would lose sight of that dream and that feeling of purpose after we grow up.

Your dream and your purpose still exists. The only difference is that we are less sensitive to them due to the distractions that engulf our minds during our daily lives.

Here are some tips to help you rediscover your purpose. Firstly, select a weekend, clear all appointments and focus on settling and toning down your daily distractions by creating an “immediate to-do list”. This list will conceive of all the things you have to do, that are on the back of your mind. Some examples include, paying the bills, basic housework, clearing trash, etc. Spend the first day of your weekend clearing as many items off your list as possible.

And on the second day of your weekend, give yourself a break. Stop worrying about the distractions, because you will not be dealing with them today anyway. Find a nice spot at home or at a cafe where you can be comfortable and would not be disturbed by anyone. And just think.

Think about what you currently like to do. What would you want to do if you had an all expenses covered week or month off from your job? What would you always find time to do, even when your schedule is filled to the brim? The answers to these questions will provide hints to your passion. Note that your passions may lie in various places. Do not worry, there is no correct answer to that question. As long as you like doing something and do not mind spending extra time doing it, it can be your passion.

Now, a passion may or may not be a purpose. Racing cars may be your passion, but it may not be your purpose. However, your passion will provide you with hints to your purpose. Racing cars may not be your purpose, but educating the future generation about appropriate racing venues and responsibility on public roads could be it.

Of course, your purpose could be completely unrelated to your passion. For examples, I know of women whose purpose is to gain time freedom, in order to spend time with their young kids. And their passion could be in travel, or cooking.

Your purpose could be in the form of a desire to be able to do what you wish to do.

The key is to take some time off, give yourself a break from the daily distraction of life, and look within to rediscover your purpose.

What’s your purpose?

leash Stop doing what others want you to do, do what YOU want to do. Stop living your life on a leash! If you were like me, then you’d probably be telling yourself that you don’t know what you want to do. Stop being lazy, don’t take the easy way out, don’t cheat yourself, don’t cheat on YOUR life. If life is a race, choose your race. Dont’ just run a random race because someone pushed you to the starting line. If you dislike marathons, this race is gonna bored you. So choose your race. beach Take a day off, take a walk in the park, do something different from what you’d normally do everyday. Take time to think about what it is you want to do. Really, think. Changing your environment will work some of your creative juice and open your mind to more options. Seating in the same room everyday won’t really help in providing new ideas. step Don’t worry if its not what you REALLY want to do for the rest of your life. Most of the time, one passion will lead to the next. whats important is that we take the first step forward. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!:D


Was in a discussion with a financial advisor a few days back and she to me about an important number; 28000.

count down

28000. That’s the average number of days a human lives for. I was shocked.

28000 days is about 76 years. 76 years may sound like an eternity, however 28000 days definitely doesn’t sound like it was enough days for me to do everything that I wanted to do.

Here’s a rough breakdown;

If you are 20, you have spent about 7300 out of your 28000 days.

If you are 30, you have spent about 10950 out of your 28000 days.

If you are 40, you have spent about 14600 out of your 28000 days.

If you are 50, you have spent about 18250 out of your 28000 days.

Make full use of what’s left from your 28000 days!

steve jobs time

As Steve Jobs had summarised it; “Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.”

How to move towards your goals.


So, you have thought deeply and seriously about your goals. You have written them down and have meditated upon them. Now that you have your target, what’s next?

map_goalIt’s time to draft out your journey. Just like referring to a treasure map, now you have to determine a route to your goal.

Like everything else, life is going to present some distractions to you on your way to your goal. So today, we will be focusing on “Intention driven actions” .

Intention driven actions are actions you taken with the intention of hitting a particular goal.

Now that you know your goals, its time to PLAN! Think about your goals, and some intention driven actions that you can take. Tag these actions with deadlines and carry them out consistently.

Here are some questions to help you come up with your set of intention driven actions;

What is your purpose of being where you are?

Why do you take certain actions in a day? Do at least some of these actions bring you closer to your goals?

What are some of the actions that your peers or mentors take consistently?


Not every action we take have to be calculated moves, because that can drive one crazy. However, it would be good to carry out at least one intention driven action per day. This will ensure that you are moving towards your goal.


Remember, its good to have fun and enjoy the journey and the scenery. However commit to fulfilling at least ONE intention driven action PER DAY!

Power of networking


I used to think that networking is not important, and that to rely on others is a form of weakness. How wrong was I, so wrong. There is only so much that one can do alone. Even Superman can only be at one place, at a single time.  Plus, reading various biographies of successful people has convinced me that successful people work in teams.

Networking opens up opportunities that you’ll have access to. Imagine trying to walk into a military base by yourself. You’ll probably be stopped and rejected at the gate, however if you knew someone who works there, you can probably gain access into the facility.

Think about the industry you are working in and get in touch with key people in the same industry.

Abundance Mindset


If you are  feeling stressed and cornered currently, here’s a tip.

Try focusing on abundance. It helps to take away some pressure and helps to keep us in the right frame of mind.

For example, if you are running a blog and are stressed that you have only been getting less than 50 unique visitors to your blog, try looking at the issue with an abundance mindset. There are about 7 billion people in the world currently, assuming that only half of that population has access to the internet, that makes it 3.5 billion people who could contribute to the unique clicks on your blog. That means that you hold the power to touch, motivate or change the lives of 3.5 billion people.

So dont give up on your project or venture. View your problem with an abundance mindset and know how much more you can actually do!

Hawthorne Effect

hawthorne1According to Ask.com, The Hawthorne effect is observed when a group of people perform tasks better or improve their behavior, when they know that they are being studied and watched .

Why is this important?

Managers can make use of this effect, by using subtle cues that may ‘warn’ subordinates of their presence.

However, do note that the effect drops with time. And, not everybody will respond to the Hawthorne effect!

For the rest of us, we can make use of this effect to increase our productivity, in line with the concept of an accountability partner. By listing our goals on social media or to our close friends or inner circle (preferrably people whom we respect greatly and would like to be acknowledged by), we will be driven to complete those goals because we would not want to have to admit to these people that we have stop short or missed the goals that we had originally put out.

Hope this tip is useful!

so you are worried about what THEY think…?


We are used to hearing encouragement like; “don’t worry about what others think”. Its easier said than done. Honest.

But wait, who are ‘THEY’?

Let’s look at this problem from another perspective. Let’s shift the focus from the “don’t worry” to the “others”. Who are these group of people? These “others”, these “they”. Before we worry about what this group of people even think about us, lets find out WHO on earth these people are.

Here are the major categories:

1. Family

The blood related people, and their loved ones. They can be broken down into smaller groups; the parents, the siblings, the close relatives, the ‘annual gathering’ folks. The emphasis of our fear of what they think about us also ranks in the same order.

Nothing much we can do about this group, since they are family. Nothing much we can do except to brush off or grow beyond our fear of what they think about us. Except of the last group; the ‘annual gathering’ folks whom we only worry about once a year.


2. “Friends”

This is a another major group of people. “Friends” is a pretty general group. Let’s avoid lumping all acquaintances in this group.

Let’s break this big group down.

Close friends. Or not.

Or, a better way to break down this group is; successful friends (ie. friends who you want to be like) and average friends (ie. friends whose situations are not particularly attractive to you). Note: this is not meant to bring down anyone. The definition of a successful and an average person depends on you. If you are pursuing music, a successful person may be one who is in a well known, great sounding band as compared to a regular blogger like me.)

Once you break this major group of people down into the successful and the average group, it is so much easier to overcome the fear of being judge. Think it through before you worry. Would you care about what an average person thinks about you when you are successful? Heck, how would the average person think about you once YOU are successful?

Source: http://www.indoforum.org

Remember the saying; “your net worth is determined by your network”

Regret Minimisation Framework

Regret Minimisation Framework

A Framework that helps us to make decision, as shared by Jeff Bezos.

The key is to reduce the amount of regret that you will face towards the end of your life.

Imagine that you are in the final years of your life and you are looking back in life. Would you regret the ‘life’ decision that you are about to make? Find the option or choice that will minimise the amount of regret that you will face, and take that choice.

That choice will be one that you will not regret or regret less, even if it fails.