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[GRR] Life


Here’s more lessons from GRR!

From the following recording: 3-5-14 Segment 1

In this segment, other than talking about decision making, Marshall Sylver also spoke about these other tips!


1) Funny = Money (@00:30 mins)

He talked about the importance of humor and the features of humor at the early part of this segment.

This part is quite interesting because he mentioned about subtle details on humor.

>Context. What is funny to you may be offensive to someone else.

>Humor is emotional. And most people are. Thats a reason humor is a great way to connect with people


2) The three main components of life (@04:30 mins)

Money, power, sex.

Ultimately, Marshall summarised life into these three components.

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[GRR] Success tips


3-6-14 Segment 2 (@07:00mins)

The more you are concerned about money, the less likely you are to succeed.Be concerned about helping others.

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[GRR] Decision


Here’s another great segment to tune into on GRR;

3-5-14 Segment 1.

Here, Marshall Sylver shared various tips but here is one that got to me!

 Decision (@ 06:23 mins)

This is the tip that woke me up. Its the kind of moment where you hear or realised something and you suddenly feel awake.

He mentioned that

not making a decision in itself is a decision.

by not choosing how to live your life, you are allowing others to make that decision for you!


today can be whatever you want to make it , yet you are the deciding factor. 

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Social Media Goldmine Seminar – Linkedin

social media

Another speaker at the seminar was Linda Le. She is an expert at the use of Linkedin and is passionate in helping people to optimise their Linkedin profiles.

I have used Linkedin previously, and got a few job offers through the platform and thus believe in the possibilities of using Linkedin to network and connect with potential employees.

Here are some tips that Linda shared during the seminar. Although her focus was mainly on Linkedin, I believe that these concepts are useful across social media platforms.

1) Visibility

Post quality content and ensure consistent engagement to increase visibility. Increase visibility would allow more potential employees and partners to get to know you, as well as work with you.

2) Personal Branding

Brand yourself on social media, based on the industry you are in.

This was one of the lessons I first picked up via Linkedin. Although I had received several job offers through Linkedin, these job offers were related to my part time job at that time, which I had no intention of pursuing as a full time job.

Check out Linda’s Linkedin profile to find out how you can modify your profile to attract your target employers and partners.

3) Profile

Employers tend to only spend 10 to 15 seconds on a profile. Therefore it is important for your profile to stand out.

Here are some elements you can include to make your profile more interesting.

> Use photos

Photos provide visual engagement for your readers. Include professional and related photos on your profiles. No partying photos!

> Have white spaces 

Make good use of white space on your Linkedin profile.

Read more about white spaces here: http://alistapart.com/article/WHITESPACE

Linda is about to launch an online course on improving your Linkedin profile, if you are interesting in optimising your Linkedin profile to attract potential partners and employees, you should take up the course(bit.ly/1gmDPZk).

Check it out at:


She has included a 1 hour consultation during which she will look through your Linkedin profile! This usually costs $200!