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Rediscover Your Purpose

As I have shared on ezinearticles.com… What is Your PURPOSE? Your DREAM? Your WHY.

Most people go through life without know their purpose. Knowing their purpose in life has help and spurred many individuals to success. Most of us would have some sort of dream while we were growing up. And yet, most of us would lose sight of that dream and that feeling of purpose after we grow up.

Your dream and your purpose still exists. The only difference is that we are less sensitive to them due to the distractions that engulf our minds during our daily lives.

Here are some tips to help you rediscover your purpose. Firstly, select a weekend, clear all appointments and focus on settling and toning down your daily distractions by creating an “immediate to-do list”. This list will conceive of all the things you have to do, that are on the back of your mind. Some examples include, paying the bills, basic housework, clearing trash, etc. Spend the first day of your weekend clearing as many items off your list as possible.

And on the second day of your weekend, give yourself a break. Stop worrying about the distractions, because you will not be dealing with them today anyway. Find a nice spot at home or at a cafe where you can be comfortable and would not be disturbed by anyone. And just think.

Think about what you currently like to do. What would you want to do if you had an all expenses covered week or month off from your job? What would you always find time to do, even when your schedule is filled to the brim? The answers to these questions will provide hints to your passion. Note that your passions may lie in various places. Do not worry, there is no correct answer to that question. As long as you like doing something and do not mind spending extra time doing it, it can be your passion.

Now, a passion may or may not be a purpose. Racing cars may be your passion, but it may not be your purpose. However, your passion will provide you with hints to your purpose. Racing cars may not be your purpose, but educating the future generation about appropriate racing venues and responsibility on public roads could be it.

Of course, your purpose could be completely unrelated to your passion. For examples, I know of women whose purpose is to gain time freedom, in order to spend time with their young kids. And their passion could be in travel, or cooking.

Your purpose could be in the form of a desire to be able to do what you wish to do.

The key is to take some time off, give yourself a break from the daily distraction of life, and look within to rediscover your purpose.

3 stories

Steve Jobs’ 2005 Stanford Commencement Address

A short 15 minutes video during which Steve Jobs shared 3 powerful stories from his life.

1. Dropping out of college.

You can only connect the dots, looking backwards.

Just trust that everything will connect in the future and give it your all today.

2. Being fired from the company he had created.

Love what you do.

If you have not found it yet, keep looking and experimenting. Don’t settle.

3.Cancer and death.

Death and your ending.┬áDeath is life’s change agent.

Life is short, and death will come. So don’t waste it by living someone else’s life.

5 qualities of an Entrepreneur

The journey of an entrepreneur is a rough and tough one, however with the challenges come a sense of fulfillment and achievement. If you are looking to start your entrepreneurial journey, here are 5 qualities of an entrepreneur which you may want to cultivate.
stumbling blocks
1. “Failure” does NOT exist in their dictionary
There are no failures in an entrepreneur’s dictionary, only new lessons to be learnt and mistakes to be avoided in the future.
Every stumbling block is but a challenge and therefore, there isnt a need to give up. They may change their direction and their methods, but an entrepreneur’s aim and passion never dies.
2. Creativity
Entrepreneurs have to use their creativity constantly to innovate and conjour up new services and products, in order to provide value to customers in their targeted market while learning to distinguish themselves from existing competitors.
Entrepreneurs are a curious bunch as they are motivated by their need to serve and provide value, and they do this by maximising their creativity.
3. Enjoys networking
Entrepreneurs love to network and get to know more people who share similar interest and passion. Some of them like to share their passion and views in a larger scale by giving talks too.
It is no longer an issue of being an introvert or an extrovert. Both personalities make great entrepreneurs by working in vastly different ways that suit their style. Ultimately, both personalities enjoy meeting people with similar interest.
Also, they are willing to learn from others. Entrepreneurs know the value to knowledge and are always willing to meet people whom they are able to learn from. They also recognise that working with these people will allow them to serve their customers better.
4. Loves to read
Riding off the previous point, entrepreneurs love to learn and expose themselves to new ideas. Most of them love to read, and have great and effective methods of reading.
Additionally, entrepreneurs read widely. They typically read anything that captures their interest and allows them to learn and improve themselves. Entrepreneurs recognise the importance of consistent learning and self-development.
5. Acts fast
Entrepreneurs tend not to procrastinate. In fact, procrastination is the GREATEST enemy of an entrepreneur. Getting things DONE is one of the key qualities of an entrepreneurs, and that is the main reason they succeed. No one succeeds by brainstorming ideas in their bedroom, without implementing those ideas. Ideas remain a fantasy and a theory, until they are put into action.
By acting fast, entrepreneurs also ensure that they are able to capture a greater market share before their competitors step in.
Do you possess these qualities? Are you working towards your goals and dreams? Leave a comment and share your views:)

Life is a GAME

razerTuned in to a sharing session by Tan Min Liang, one of the co-founders of Razer yesterday.

In his short 10 mins talk, he shared three thing he had learnt from his journey;

1. Wasting time may not be a bad thing.

He shared that there were many who have told him that playing games was a waste of his time. However, he felt that those experiences became an asset when he started Razer. Therefore, he shared it might not be a bad thing to ‘waste time’. Your experiences can become your knowledge, your asset.
2. Dont work so hard

In short, he shared that if you feel that you have to put in effort and work hard for something, it may not be your passion. IF you are doing what you enjoy, it will not feel like hard work. It will be FUN.
3. Its ok to get an F. Its not going to get reflected in the things that you want to really do. Failure is great in many ways.

Failure is not the end of the world. Your F on the report card will be forgotten in time to come.

Very interesting sharing session. Thank goodness they had a webcast, glad I didnt miss the sharing.

Great points shared. What struck me the most is the amount of emphasis he placed on having fun and enjoying the process rather than worrying and fretting over the possible returns that particular products would bring. Through the talk, the message I received was the need to relax and to just enjoy the process. Worrying and being uptight about the income did not come into play. Afterall, life is a GAME so do the things you want to do, for the FUN of it. Challenges and obstacles will be present, but just stick at it, be creative and you will eventually find a way to clear the stage.