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[Video] Chasing your dream


[Quote] Learning


I like this quote from Kiyosaki. It reminds us about the importance of learning. And applying what we have learnt. I have attended many previews. Although most of the time it sounds like marketing, I do agree that attending training and courses are important.

That’s why school still plays such a big role in society. It is important for us to gain knowledge, and to do so, we have to learn. Applying the right knowledge can produce amazing results.

[Quote] Decide

Source: http://www.facebook.com/ReasonsOrResultsWorldwide
A goal properly set is halfway reached – Zig Ziglar

Goal setting is important, it gives you something to work towards too. Before we work towards any goals, we have to first decide. Many times, people are too focused on the third point, succeed. However, we are not sure why and how we want to succeed. Therefore, we find ourselves lost.

If you have not done so, do take some time to set your goals, and decide.