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Types of guidance

In today’s post, I’ll talk about the type of guidance you should seek in your journey to success.


On your path to your goals, you will definitely meet many outstanding individuals. However, not all of them will be suitable mentors to seek out.

Here are 4 points to look out:

1. Do they have the success that YOU want for yourself?


This is the key to seeking out mentors and teachers. They have to be individuals who have achieved what you want to achieve.

By seeking out and modeling individuals who have achieved what you want, you’ll be sure that you are going in the right direction. In addition, with the guidance of these individuals, you may be able to avoid the pitfalls that most people fall for.

2. Mentor vs Senior

Once you have sought out the people who have achieved what you’d want to, differentiate between your seniors and your mentors.


According to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, an individual draws his motivation from different needs. A person will only seek to fulfill ‘higher needs’ once the ‘lower needs’ have been fulfilled. (based on the diagram above)

Therefore, it will be useful for one to differentiate between a teacher and a senior. It is good to surround yourself with like minded individuals and seniors, and it would be better to always seek out advise from the teacher.

3. Be the kind of person you’d like to mentor

A mentor is there to guide you and advise you, a mentor is not a boss who’d breath down your next if you did not do what they told you to.

Imagine that you are successful and have a hugh team of 100 people whom wants some of your time, one to one. You told this 100 people to come for a training event that is to be carried out by one of your top team member, and only 5 turned up.

Would you concentrate on guiding the 5 who came, or would you spend time chasing the 95 who did not turn up?


No one likes to herd cats, especially if time is important to them. Finding a mentor is not too difficult, making yourself coachable is the KEY.

4. All in

After checking off the first two points, there’s only one thing left to do. Listen to what your mentor says, follow what they do, and carry out their instructions.

You have already spend the time and effort seeking out your mentor, and they have already decided to guide you, so don’t screw anything up at the last step.

Listen, absorb and go all in. Follow their advise and participate fully!

If you are seeking out young and successful mentors who are retired and living life full, connect with me on Facebook

I wish you success in your journey:)


What’s your purpose?

leash Stop doing what others want you to do, do what YOU want to do. Stop living your life on a leash! If you were like me, then you’d probably be telling yourself that you don’t know what you want to do. Stop being lazy, don’t take the easy way out, don’t cheat yourself, don’t cheat on YOUR life. If life is a race, choose your race. Dont’ just run a random race because someone pushed you to the starting line. If you dislike marathons, this race is gonna bored you. So choose your race. beach Take a day off, take a walk in the park, do something different from what you’d normally do everyday. Take time to think about what it is you want to do. Really, think. Changing your environment will work some of your creative juice and open your mind to more options. Seating in the same room everyday won’t really help in providing new ideas. step Don’t worry if its not what you REALLY want to do for the rest of your life. Most of the time, one passion will lead to the next. whats important is that we take the first step forward. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!:D


Was in a discussion with a financial advisor a few days back and she to me about an important number; 28000.

count down

28000. That’s the average number of days a human lives for. I was shocked.

28000 days is about 76 years. 76 years may sound like an eternity, however 28000 days definitely doesn’t sound like it was enough days for me to do everything that I wanted to do.

Here’s a rough breakdown;

If you are 20, you have spent about 7300 out of your 28000 days.

If you are 30, you have spent about 10950 out of your 28000 days.

If you are 40, you have spent about 14600 out of your 28000 days.

If you are 50, you have spent about 18250 out of your 28000 days.

Make full use of what’s left from your 28000 days!

steve jobs time

As Steve Jobs had summarised it; “Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.”

Mummy Museum


Went to explore the mummy museum last week. The museum experience started with a short video clip that described the beliefs surrounding the Mummy.

It was during that video clip that it struck me that whatever the beliefs are, there isnt anything left after death. Suddenly, there i felt a tinge of fear. To imagine that there is nothingness after a it all ends. It was then that I realised why they say we should treasure our lives and live to the fullest.

Someone also shared this with me over the past week “Your life will be summarized in a sentence when you die, make it good.”