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FLIP your Mindset

the subtle lessons

Change the way you see life today.

This is an IMPORTANT and EYE-OPENING concept that I picked up recently.

Stop seeing yourself as an employee working for ABC company, instead treat ABC company as your current client.

See yourself as a ONE-MAN BUSINESS. Learn to market and brand yourself. Upgrade your skills and knowledge in order to be able to serve your clients more efficiently and at the same time, charge a higher rate.

By looking at our circumstances this way, we will learn to take more responsibility for our growth and development. Because after all, if you do not do it, nobody else will be responsible for YOUR growth.

Once we get this perception down, we will know that WE are RESPONSIBLE for our own INCOME. Rather than blaming our boss for being unwilling to increase our pay, provide the company with indispensable service and CONTROL your pay. 

Rather than BLAME our circumstances, RESENT the lack of opportunities or passively WAIT for your employer to send you to a course, let us take responsibility for ourselves, our very own ONE-MAN BUSINESS. Study your clients and potential partners, find out what skills and services they need, and cater to them.

Even if you are running a business (or multiple business), keep this concept in mind. We can create and sell businesses, but our ONE-MAN BUSINESS will always remain as our CORE. The skills and expertise you gather and retain in your ONE-MAN BUSINESS will be transferable to all of your future endeavors.