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free for all!

Have you ever compared the environment where you grew up in and the possible environment you have to reside in as an entrepreneur? Today I will talk about the possible differences and how it may affect your success.
Growing up
The environment that i grew up in had a lot of rules. From the fixed timing that I had to report to an institution, to the clothes I could wear at the institution, and what I could do at the institution before they released me for the day. Did you have a similar experience growing up?
rat race

Recently, I realised that this environment could lead to the the downfall of new entrepreneurs.

After spending years, maturing in an environment where our schedules and attitudes were guided and governed by rules and regulations, we are now free! We are leaving the structured society and moving into a realm that provides more freedom.

BUT! Do we know how to use and control this freedom?
Discipline and self control
What sets a successful entrepreneur from one who burns out or doesn’t succeed are discipline and self control.

This lesson hit me when an instructor posted a question to the class.


What if for a day, all the traffic lights were out of order, all the traffic police were on holiday, and all road signs where damaged? Would there be chaos on the road, or would our transport system function as per normal?

I believe that the former would occur. What about you?

Translate this to your entrepreneurial journey. The glamorous side of entrepreneurship is often being sold as having the freedom of time, and the freedom to do whatever you decide to.
BUT! remember that entrepreneurship is all that and more. For one to attain a certain level of freedom, the blood and sweat one has to put in is beyond our imagination.
That’s why they say you should Know Your ‘why’…

Would u be able to endure the pain and survive to enjoy the freedom? or Would u self destruct once all the control over u were removed?

Would your life fall into a chaotic mess, with no clear directions and datelines? or Would you be able to function efficiently without external control?
Know the differences!
In my humble opinion, all new entrepreneurs should consider such circumstances.
avoid reality

Are u getting into entrepreneurship,  just to ‘slack’ and to escape from reality, or do you have an actual purpose?

Are you on holiday?
If you are just into the enjoyment, money and resources will run out one day. What would u do then? Go back to job-seeking? If so, u are not an entrepreneur. you are merely an employee on a long holiday.


Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying its bad to take a break. BUT its Bad when this break becomes your illusion of your lifestyle. Its Bad if your lifestyle is filled with non income producing activity.

How clear are you about your goals?

Are you an entrepreneur, or are you simply on a long vacation?

Now, that was a long post.
Hopefully that was useful for you. What would you think would happen  if for a day, all the traffic lights were out of order, all the traffic police were on holiday, and all road signs where damaged?

Do you have the discipline to work long and hard at your business without any supervision? Share your thoughts about the importance of self control!

Types of guidance

In today’s post, I’ll talk about the type of guidance you should seek in your journey to success.


On your path to your goals, you will definitely meet many outstanding individuals. However, not all of them will be suitable mentors to seek out.

Here are 4 points to look out:

1. Do they have the success that YOU want for yourself?


This is the key to seeking out mentors and teachers. They have to be individuals who have achieved what you want to achieve.

By seeking out and modeling individuals who have achieved what you want, you’ll be sure that you are going in the right direction. In addition, with the guidance of these individuals, you may be able to avoid the pitfalls that most people fall for.

2. Mentor vs Senior

Once you have sought out the people who have achieved what you’d want to, differentiate between your seniors and your mentors.


According to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, an individual draws his motivation from different needs. A person will only seek to fulfill ‘higher needs’ once the ‘lower needs’ have been fulfilled. (based on the diagram above)

Therefore, it will be useful for one to differentiate between a teacher and a senior. It is good to surround yourself with like minded individuals and seniors, and it would be better to always seek out advise from the teacher.

3. Be the kind of person you’d like to mentor

A mentor is there to guide you and advise you, a mentor is not a boss who’d breath down your next if you did not do what they told you to.

Imagine that you are successful and have a hugh team of 100 people whom wants some of your time, one to one. You told this 100 people to come for a training event that is to be carried out by one of your top team member, and only 5 turned up.

Would you concentrate on guiding the 5 who came, or would you spend time chasing the 95 who did not turn up?


No one likes to herd cats, especially if time is important to them. Finding a mentor is not too difficult, making yourself coachable is the KEY.

4. All in

After checking off the first two points, there’s only one thing left to do. Listen to what your mentor says, follow what they do, and carry out their instructions.

You have already spend the time and effort seeking out your mentor, and they have already decided to guide you, so don’t screw anything up at the last step.

Listen, absorb and go all in. Follow their advise and participate fully!

If you are seeking out young and successful mentors who are retired and living life full, connect with me on Facebook

I wish you success in your journey:)

Rediscover Your Purpose

As I have shared on ezinearticles.com… What is Your PURPOSE? Your DREAM? Your WHY.

Most people go through life without know their purpose. Knowing their purpose in life has help and spurred many individuals to success. Most of us would have some sort of dream while we were growing up. And yet, most of us would lose sight of that dream and that feeling of purpose after we grow up.

Your dream and your purpose still exists. The only difference is that we are less sensitive to them due to the distractions that engulf our minds during our daily lives.

Here are some tips to help you rediscover your purpose. Firstly, select a weekend, clear all appointments and focus on settling and toning down your daily distractions by creating an “immediate to-do list”. This list will conceive of all the things you have to do, that are on the back of your mind. Some examples include, paying the bills, basic housework, clearing trash, etc. Spend the first day of your weekend clearing as many items off your list as possible.

And on the second day of your weekend, give yourself a break. Stop worrying about the distractions, because you will not be dealing with them today anyway. Find a nice spot at home or at a cafe where you can be comfortable and would not be disturbed by anyone. And just think.

Think about what you currently like to do. What would you want to do if you had an all expenses covered week or month off from your job? What would you always find time to do, even when your schedule is filled to the brim? The answers to these questions will provide hints to your passion. Note that your passions may lie in various places. Do not worry, there is no correct answer to that question. As long as you like doing something and do not mind spending extra time doing it, it can be your passion.

Now, a passion may or may not be a purpose. Racing cars may be your passion, but it may not be your purpose. However, your passion will provide you with hints to your purpose. Racing cars may not be your purpose, but educating the future generation about appropriate racing venues and responsibility on public roads could be it.

Of course, your purpose could be completely unrelated to your passion. For examples, I know of women whose purpose is to gain time freedom, in order to spend time with their young kids. And their passion could be in travel, or cooking.

Your purpose could be in the form of a desire to be able to do what you wish to do.

The key is to take some time off, give yourself a break from the daily distraction of life, and look within to rediscover your purpose.

[Review] The Everything Store

the everything store
The Everything Store: Jeff Bezos and the Age of Amazon

First up, I just want to say that this book felt like a long read spanning across several decades. It was captivating though and had me completed the book in a short time. It covers the long journey Bezos had to go through to bring Amazon to its state today, it isnt surprising that there are tons of lessons in the book.

Throughout the book, the author tried to remain unbiased by including the negative reactions and practices that plagued Amazon and its founder. This kept the book fresh and provided views from Amazon’s competitors as well as collaborators.

Here are some of my takeaways from this book;

1. Not everything you do will produce a desired outcome.

…but there will be lessons and takeaways as long as you take action.

An example in the book is the meeting between Bezos and Costco’s founder, with which Bezos ended up with a lesson in retail and management, rather than his original quest of working together with Costco.

2. Have ambition.

Forget about dreaming big. Dream HUGH. and stick to it with “diamond hard” conviction.

3. Have a clear goal.

Here’s what Josh Weinstein said of Jeff Bezos “Jeff decided he wanted it and he worked harder than anyone else”

While Amazon had to go through various phases during its lifespan, Bezos remained clear about the type of company he wanted Amazon to become.

4. Read.

Although Jeff Bezos is seen as a successful man by many, he continues to read. The Everything Store has a list of books recommended by Bezos.

5. Continuous learning.

Although Jeff Bezos is protrayed as a stern and arrogant leader in certain situations, he is willing to learn whenever opportunities arise. I believe this is one of the ways he has guided Amazon through the various ups and downs that the company has faced.

6. Power of contacts (Network)

Bezos was able to convince and recruit some key people through the power of his network.

There are many lessons embedded in this book, and I think that there may be some lessons that could be picked up if you are at a different stage of life/career than me. Do share!

[Review] Quitter

Quitter – Jeff Acuff

Picked up this book because I was at a point where I was frustrated with my job. Was probably looking for an argument (or encouragement) to tip the scale and to persuade myself to take action and actually quit.

Currently only halfway through this book. BUT! It is totally different from what I had expected. (partially my fault for not reading the reviews on the book or the small words that tag along after the title; “Closing the Gap Between Your Day Job & Your Dream Job” -.- I was that desperate)

This book is GREAT for people who are juggling between their ‘day’ job and their ‘dream’ job. Acuff shares his experiences and errors he made or almost made while nurturing his ‘dream’ job and holding a ‘day’ job. 

He argues that quitting your ‘day’ job prematurely would only add stress and may end up killing your chance at the dream job.

So……Jeff Acuff basically gives us reasons NOT to quit our ‘day’ job. I only realised that about 2 chapters into the book.*facepalm*

Anyway, I will do a full review on this book once I am done with it. LOOK OUT FOR IT!

Holiday lessons



That was the view we had on our drive up a mountain in Korea. Although the visibility was low, no one was worried. That experience taught me two things.

1. GPS

If you know where you are going and have a plan and a map that leads you there, there is less uncertainty and worry. Once we had the GPS set onto our final destination, we trusted and followed the directions, know that we WILL reach our target destination.

This pointed out the importance of having a goal and a detailed plan. Having something to work towards and a idea of how to get there helps to get rid of some level of uncertainty. This also allows you to have some time to enjoy the ride.

2. Experienced guide

Along the way up to the mountain, our GPS went haywire probably due to the poor connection. On the GPS, our car appeared to be off the road. However instead of panicking, this scenario only managed to crack us up. We had an experienced guide who had been to this mountain several times, and he happened to be our driver.

This showed me the importance of having a mentor, or someone who has already experience success in the area where you would want to succeed. Having someone like that to guide us was a great relief. Many people has mentioned the importance of having a mentor, however it was this experience that made it clear to me.

[Quote] Dream


“Dream as if you will live forever. And live as if you’ll die today” – C.h.a.o.s.m.y.t.h. , One Ok Rock

Was surprised when I first heard this in a song. It is very simple advise, but following it is not as easy as it sounds, especially the second part of the quote.

It is easy to dream. However, living each day to the fullest is not as easy as it sounds. Focus and clear resolution towards your dream should help to ease that.

I too need to decide and focus on my path.