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How are you feeling today?



Grabbed this off the internet. Really useful gauge for our emotions.

Look at where you are now and look at where you might be based on the image.

Do you like where you might be heading for? If you are on the right side, I doubt so. So change your emotions by controlling your thoughts. I have realised that by catching myself thinking of a negative thought, I can control and modify my current emotions.

Its midweek, so if you are stressed out by work or pissed off by someone, notice where you are and change it. After all, your emotions ultimately affects you. The environment or the other party will rarely be too affected by your internal state.

Where are you heading emotionally?




“If you are not growing, you are dying”

We hear this quote pretty often.

Pause for a moment and decide HOW you would like to grow yourself.
Just realized this recently;
If I do not know how I would want to grow and what I want to become, then the word ‘grow’ here will only serve to frustrate. There are so many possibilities we can foresee, however which possibility is the ONE you’d like?