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[Review] Declutter your life

declutter your life
Declutter Your Life: Reduce Stress, Increase Productivity, and Enjoy Your Clutter-Free Life

Recommended to me by my mentor, this book provided me with many practical tips to declutter my life.

What struck me the most was that not only did the author talked about physical clutter, she also focused on the clutter that we may have mentally. And finally, the author also talks about de-cluttering our social life and media too.

The idea my mentor shared upon recommending this book is that by decluttering our life, we end up clearing space for things that we want in our life. This idea is struck me and drove me to read the book.

At first, it sounded pretty similar to the law of attraction. However, after I went back to think about it, I found out that the idea my mentor mentioned was so simple and obvious that even KIDS understand it. Its pure physics that you cant fit more water into a bucket that is already filled with fluid. DUH!

Consider removing some of the clutter in your life, and experience having the space and ability to bring in things that you want in your life!