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Zombie Craze Phenomenon

Zombies-RunThere has been some zombie craze going on recently. I thought the wave was over, but apparently its still in people’s minds. Movies, drama serials, novels, games and even runs have spawned in light of this craze. So why are we buying into this craze? Here’s 3 reasons why i think this craze did so well.

1. We ARE the living dead.

Ultimately, the reason we are attracted to the zombie craze is because we are similar. Most of us LIVE LIKE ZOMBIES.

Students live the same lifeless routine of school and home (and occasional part time work or parties), in wait for the over rated holidays where they settle into another form of routine.

The working population live the same lifeless routine alternating between work and home (or work and work at home, for some), in wait for the illusive weekends where they seat around feeling empty.

So when we see these lifeless zombies roaming around fictitious towns, we feel relieved and tickled. Relieved that we have not reached that extent. But have we?

2. Fear

Zombies are scary. Not because they can kill us, but because they can turn us into one of them. And becoming one of them is scary.

But wait, isnt our life similar? Instead of trudging around with lifeless eyes, semi opened mouths and banging into walls, do we not find ourselves moving from home to work or school and back with the same aimless rhythm? The only difference may be that we are in a greater rush.

3. That helpless thrill

Seeing or playing a main character that is left all alone in a world manifested with zombies, after watching all his/her friends being turned into one, gives us a helpless thrill.

In these merchandise, we hope that the main character would win the war and fight the destiny of being turned into ‘one of them’. Its the same helplessness we feel in life as we fight against the daily routine of life, and in the war of mediocrity. How are we doing on this front? Some of us have won like the main characters in some of these zombie merchandise, most of us are still fighting against the helplessness. Unfortunately, some of us have already been transformed into zombies.

4. Gore

Yes, this is an extra point. However it seems that some people are turned on by all the gore in the zombie merchandise. It puzzles me.

What’s your (zombie) story?