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A timely secret and an honest confession

In today’s post, I will share a secret that I have uncovered recently. Sometimes, life’s secrets are very obvious but we just fail to pick them up unless someone points it out to us. In my case, a situation led me to the discovery of this secret. And now, I am sharing it with you…time

Let me start by explaining the situation, for some context.

The situation

Many people were asking me why did I become skinnier and more tan. So here goes, for past 6 months, I was working 7 days a week.

bad situation

I do not know if I worked purely for the money, or to avoid some other reality,  but that will be for another post.

So anyway, I realised that by working everyday for the past few months, that I am allowing all my employers to determine how much my time is worth.

And it was then that i realised, i have stumbled onto this little known secret.  you actually GET to decide how much your time is actually WORTH!


So back to my story…

I realised that on weekdays, my time is worth about $15 per hour, and on weekends, my time is worth $20 per hour.

Don’t give your power away..
When you give away the power to determine your time value, you lose control over your potential.
..or you will end up limiting yourself


By choosing to play in the system of being an employee for 7 days a week, I had a base time-value (something that many people over value) BUT at the same time, I have a ceiling over the potential of my time value. So in those past 6 months, my time-value varied from $15-20 per hour. And it could only vary within that range. 

I was burnt out. falling sick often, feeling tired for the majority of the time that I was awake. And I felt hopeless and totally unable to control my own path and destiny.

Taking action over a decision

So just a few weeks back, I finally made up my mind to cut down on my weekend job. I have successfully cleared off a day! (success starts from a small step, ok!)

Having the power to decide…
is empowering and uplifting to the spirits.

With the extra time that is within my control, I am able to decide how much my time can be worth now. I can choose to spend the day with my family, or spend it building a business that will provide greater upside in the future. Just by re-gaining the power I have over of a single day in a week, I can now decide to work on increasing the ceiling on my time value.

I urge you to think about a few things today…
  • What is your time value?
  • Who determines your time value?

Is it being determined by someone else, or do you have control over your OWN worth?

If you are looking to build a business and increase the upside to your time-value, connect with me on Facebook.

Remember, whatever the situation you are in currently, you had a hand in it. After all, the initial decision to hand over your power for a limited time value, was made by you. Its time to reclaim your control.

Its time to reclaim your power. Its time  Its reclaim your destiny.

If you are looking to build a business and increase your potential worth, connect with me on Facebook.


powerful advise


Here’s a powerful advise I picked up from a speaker.

What you are in business, is simply what others say you are” – Ronald Lye

When in business, it does not matter how you perceive your company.  All that matters is how your POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS perceive your company.

Beyond the product or service that you provide, manage your BRAND effectively.

Here are 4 questions to ponder upon;

  • How does your targeted customers perceive your company?

Do some research to determine this. Do not assume anything. What you think of your company may not be what your potential customers ACTUALLY think.

  • Is your company a good fit for your target customer group? 

Know your target customers. Does your brand resonate with them? Does the tone of your brand agree with their thoughts and emotions?

  • Are the values of your company in line with those of your target customers?

Again, know your target customers. What are their values? What are the values of your company? Are these values being reflected in your marketing campaign and your brand?

  • Are there any features that set your brand apart from your competitors?

Does your brand stand out in the marketplace? Does your customers know that you are THE  business to turn to? What separates you from your competitors? Remember, the marketplace is a very noisy place, you need to stand out in order to attract customers.

Now that you have pondered upon these questions, I hope you have identified gaps that can be filled to boost your business!

Have a great weekend ahead:)

Robert Kiyosaki’s quadrants

rich-dad-cashflow-quadrant2From his best selling book; Rich Dad Poor Dad, we are looking at Robert Kiyosaki’s famous 4 quadrants today.

Nicely summarised in the image above, the 4 quadrants are namely; Employee, Self Employed, Big Business, and Investor.

Here’s a video by Robert Kiyosaki that delves further into the 4 quadrants;


So…which quadrant(s) do u belong to?

Robert Kiyosaki mentioned that we should strive to move from the left side of the quadrants towards the right side. From trading your limited time and effort for a limited income, to leveraging on other people and making money work for you to increase the cap on your income.

There are many ways for us to move from the left to the right.

We could follow the old school of thought and work in the E or the S quadrant for many years, save up a capital before learning to make the capital work for you as an I. Not that this method is bad, but how  many years would you need to build up that capital? And how much time would you have left for the money to work hard for you? Would the money have enough time to work for you, in order for you to reach your target amount?

Another method is to become an entrepreneur who builds Big Businesses. This is a great path that requires experience, dedication and a strong passion. However, the startup cost is often high.

A third method, is one recommended by Robert Kiyosaki in the following video. Leverage on other people’s effort and time. WATCH THE FOLLOWING VIDEO.

Robert Kiyosaki went on to discuss more about this in a book; The business of the 21st Century.

You can listen to the audio book here;


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Importance of Tracking


Recently I was reading an article about the need to track. Track performance and progress, that is.

The author mentioned that the act of tracking in itself is more important than what you choose to track. (For example, track the number of clicks or the number of unique visitors to your blog does not really matter, as long as you are tracking one of it.)

If you are running a business, blog or even monetising a hobby, remember to measure at least ONE key metric REGULARLY! That will ensure that you know, at all times, how well or stable your endeavor is.

Social Media Goldmine Seminar – Content

social media

Here are some tips to creating content!



A: Addictive

Structure contents in the forms of questions. And ask the right questions! Ask questions that make your audience think.

This will bring in comments and increase activity on your social media platform.

from: http://luxa.us/
from: http://luxa.us/

Also, certain content are more popular than other. One example is Infographics. These are usually images that summarises complex concepts into simple and visual images.



C: Concise 

Makes everything easier to read. I have personally skipped many article because they were too long. But as content creators, this is an easy mistake to take. Be to the point! Have this at the back of your mind when you are creating content!



E: Emotional

Humans are emotional beings. So connect with humans through their emotions!


Remember ACE!:

A: Addictive

C: Concise

E: Emotional

Have you provided ACE content to your audience?

FLIP your Mindset

the subtle lessons

Change the way you see life today.

This is an IMPORTANT and EYE-OPENING concept that I picked up recently.

Stop seeing yourself as an employee working for ABC company, instead treat ABC company as your current client.

See yourself as a ONE-MAN BUSINESS. Learn to market and brand yourself. Upgrade your skills and knowledge in order to be able to serve your clients more efficiently and at the same time, charge a higher rate.

By looking at our circumstances this way, we will learn to take more responsibility for our growth and development. Because after all, if you do not do it, nobody else will be responsible for YOUR growth.

Once we get this perception down, we will know that WE are RESPONSIBLE for our own INCOME. Rather than blaming our boss for being unwilling to increase our pay, provide the company with indispensable service and CONTROL your pay. 

Rather than BLAME our circumstances, RESENT the lack of opportunities or passively WAIT for your employer to send you to a course, let us take responsibility for ourselves, our very own ONE-MAN BUSINESS. Study your clients and potential partners, find out what skills and services they need, and cater to them.

Even if you are running a business (or multiple business), keep this concept in mind. We can create and sell businesses, but our ONE-MAN BUSINESS will always remain as our CORE. The skills and expertise you gather and retain in your ONE-MAN BUSINESS will be transferable to all of your future endeavors.