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penny for your thoughts

Here’s something a mentor shared about taking action;

Doing something wrongly, is better than doing nothing perfectly.

Do you agree?


A timely secret and an honest confession

In today’s post, I will share a secret that I have uncovered recently. Sometimes, life’s secrets are very obvious but we just fail to pick them up unless someone points it out to us. In my case, a situation led me to the discovery of this secret. And now, I am sharing it with you…time

Let me start by explaining the situation, for some context.

The situation

Many people were asking me why did I become skinnier and more tan. So here goes, for past 6 months, I was working 7 days a week.

bad situation

I do not know if I worked purely for the money, or to avoid some other reality,  but that will be for another post.

So anyway, I realised that by working everyday for the past few months, that I am allowing all my employers to determine how much my time is worth.

And it was then that i realised, i have stumbled onto this little known secret.  you actually GET to decide how much your time is actually WORTH!


So back to my story…

I realised that on weekdays, my time is worth about $15 per hour, and on weekends, my time is worth $20 per hour.

Don’t give your power away..
When you give away the power to determine your time value, you lose control over your potential.
..or you will end up limiting yourself


By choosing to play in the system of being an employee for 7 days a week, I had a base time-value (something that many people over value) BUT at the same time, I have a ceiling over the potential of my time value. So in those past 6 months, my time-value varied from $15-20 per hour. And it could only vary within that range. 

I was burnt out. falling sick often, feeling tired for the majority of the time that I was awake. And I felt hopeless and totally unable to control my own path and destiny.

Taking action over a decision

So just a few weeks back, I finally made up my mind to cut down on my weekend job. I have successfully cleared off a day! (success starts from a small step, ok!)

Having the power to decide…
is empowering and uplifting to the spirits.

With the extra time that is within my control, I am able to decide how much my time can be worth now. I can choose to spend the day with my family, or spend it building a business that will provide greater upside in the future. Just by re-gaining the power I have over of a single day in a week, I can now decide to work on increasing the ceiling on my time value.

I urge you to think about a few things today…
  • What is your time value?
  • Who determines your time value?

Is it being determined by someone else, or do you have control over your OWN worth?

If you are looking to build a business and increase the upside to your time-value, connect with me on Facebook.

Remember, whatever the situation you are in currently, you had a hand in it. After all, the initial decision to hand over your power for a limited time value, was made by you. Its time to reclaim your control.

Its time to reclaim your power. Its time  Its reclaim your destiny.

If you are looking to build a business and increase your potential worth, connect with me on Facebook.

What’s your purpose?

leash Stop doing what others want you to do, do what YOU want to do. Stop living your life on a leash! If you were like me, then you’d probably be telling yourself that you don’t know what you want to do. Stop being lazy, don’t take the easy way out, don’t cheat yourself, don’t cheat on YOUR life. If life is a race, choose your race. Dont’ just run a random race because someone pushed you to the starting line. If you dislike marathons, this race is gonna bored you. So choose your race. beach Take a day off, take a walk in the park, do something different from what you’d normally do everyday. Take time to think about what it is you want to do. Really, think. Changing your environment will work some of your creative juice and open your mind to more options. Seating in the same room everyday won’t really help in providing new ideas. step Don’t worry if its not what you REALLY want to do for the rest of your life. Most of the time, one passion will lead to the next. whats important is that we take the first step forward. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!:D

How to move towards your goals.


So, you have thought deeply and seriously about your goals. You have written them down and have meditated upon them. Now that you have your target, what’s next?

map_goalIt’s time to draft out your journey. Just like referring to a treasure map, now you have to determine a route to your goal.

Like everything else, life is going to present some distractions to you on your way to your goal. So today, we will be focusing on “Intention driven actions” .

Intention driven actions are actions you taken with the intention of hitting a particular goal.

Now that you know your goals, its time to PLAN! Think about your goals, and some intention driven actions that you can take. Tag these actions with deadlines and carry them out consistently.

Here are some questions to help you come up with your set of intention driven actions;

What is your purpose of being where you are?

Why do you take certain actions in a day? Do at least some of these actions bring you closer to your goals?

What are some of the actions that your peers or mentors take consistently?


Not every action we take have to be calculated moves, because that can drive one crazy. However, it would be good to carry out at least one intention driven action per day. This will ensure that you are moving towards your goal.


Remember, its good to have fun and enjoy the journey and the scenery. However commit to fulfilling at least ONE intention driven action PER DAY!


mediocrityThe scary thing about MEDIOCRITY is its lack of presence and boundary. It blends into your comfort zone and you’d only know that you are MEDIOCRE, once you are there.

No one plans to be mediocre, they fall into that zone unknowingly. We all plan to succeed, but if we dont take action and just get comfortable with the daily routine of nothing, we may fall into the land of mediocrity.

Make your PLANS, change your ATTITUDE and take ACTION!

[Quote] Don’t wait

timeHow wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before staring to improve the world” – Anne Frank

The quote said it all. What can we do today to improve the world? I believe that one does not have to do something as dramatic as moving mountains to change the world, let us start with the people around us.