Goals — break em down

goalBuilding on a previous post on taking intention driven action, I have started to break down my long term goals into daily achievable “to-do” lists.

Here’s what I have picked up from this practice.

1. Limit the number of goals per day.

Currently, I use a notepad which is about 9cm X 9cm to list my goals.

As a working adult with a full time job, the time i have left to fulfill my goals on weekdays is very limited. So my WEEKDAY goals are limited to half that notepad. WEEKEND goals go onto the full notepad.

2. Remember to be SMART.


Make use of the SMART principle to set your daily goals. Goals have to be specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-bound.

“Read book X” is not specific enough. “Read X number of pages or chapters of book X” is.

For my daily goals, the dateline would be by the end of the day or before I hit the sack. If a goal/action was not done, I dont get to go to bed yet.

3. Celebrate


Once you have cleared your “to-do” list for the day, create one for the next day. Then…CELEBRATE! Watch some TV, hangout with friends, surf facebook, play some games, do whatever you want to reward yourself!

Don’t be in a rush to get to tomorrow’s list. Learn to take breaks and reward yourself. I have found that this will help improve consistency and maintain your interest.

Have fun!

 If you have any additional tips to share, please leave a comment!:)


Check off an item from your resolutions today!

How many of us have checked off items from our New Year’s Resolution from less than 5 months back?

Here’s an opportunity to check off one of the most popular items on EVERYBODY’s lists:)

As we move into the May, how many of us have clear the list of New Year’s resolution that we have come up with, in less than 5 months ago?

To “give back” and to “help others” are popular New Year resolution list-ers (according to Time.com as well as many other notable sites). Is it also on your list?

Here’s an opportunity for you to clear an item from your New Year’s resolution and to make 2014 a special year!

Watch this video clip for more information on what we do.
*Warning, tearing may be induced*

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With the Hug It Forward movement, WorldVentures Foundation aims to raise funds to build bottle schools.

Empty bottles are collected and compacted with trash. These bottles are then put together to build bottle schools. And we need YOUR help.

The bigger picture
Our team has pledge to raise funds for 2 bottle schools this year. Your kind donations will go towards the fulfillment of those 2 bottle schools.

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Help others, and help yourself to clear those New Year Resolutions.
$5 can cover your lunch or your daily Starbucks fix. How about donating that same $5 to help the children in Guatemala?

A meagre $5 from you can go a long way.

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On behalf of WorldVentures Foundation and the children whose lives are about to change, I salute and THANK you.

If you find this meaningful and wish to help more, please share this message with your friends and love ones!:) Together, we can make a change lives!

Easiest way to start a conversation

The easiest way to start and maintain a conversation?
Just keep asking questions…and then REPEAT.
Dale Carnegie mentioned in his book How to win friends and influence peoplethat when we should show genuine interest in people, it will be way easier to make friends.
So, start to show genuine interest in the people you converse with:)

Formula to Life


Think that life is complicated? Think again.

In this blog post, i’ll share with you what i think is the cheatsheet formula to life. Here are some clues;
1. It isnt as complicated as you think
2. Many others before us have followed this  simple formula, and succeeded.

Ready for the cheatsheet to Life?

Here it comes:
Choose ONE thing that interest you, go all in, and become an expert at what you do.

Dont believe me?
Check out the successful people around you. I’m sure most of them spend majority of their time getting involved and excelling in their own industry.

Try it!

And share your results with me in the comments below..

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powerful advise


Here’s a powerful advise I picked up from a speaker.

What you are in business, is simply what others say you are” – Ronald Lye

When in business, it does not matter how you perceive your company.  All that matters is how your POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS perceive your company.

Beyond the product or service that you provide, manage your BRAND effectively.

Here are 4 questions to ponder upon;

  • How does your targeted customers perceive your company?

Do some research to determine this. Do not assume anything. What you think of your company may not be what your potential customers ACTUALLY think.

  • Is your company a good fit for your target customer group? 

Know your target customers. Does your brand resonate with them? Does the tone of your brand agree with their thoughts and emotions?

  • Are the values of your company in line with those of your target customers?

Again, know your target customers. What are their values? What are the values of your company? Are these values being reflected in your marketing campaign and your brand?

  • Are there any features that set your brand apart from your competitors?

Does your brand stand out in the marketplace? Does your customers know that you are THE  business to turn to? What separates you from your competitors? Remember, the marketplace is a very noisy place, you need to stand out in order to attract customers.

Now that you have pondered upon these questions, I hope you have identified gaps that can be filled to boost your business!

Have a great weekend ahead:)

Rediscover Your Purpose

As I have shared on ezinearticles.com… What is Your PURPOSE? Your DREAM? Your WHY.

Most people go through life without know their purpose. Knowing their purpose in life has help and spurred many individuals to success. Most of us would have some sort of dream while we were growing up. And yet, most of us would lose sight of that dream and that feeling of purpose after we grow up.

Your dream and your purpose still exists. The only difference is that we are less sensitive to them due to the distractions that engulf our minds during our daily lives.

Here are some tips to help you rediscover your purpose. Firstly, select a weekend, clear all appointments and focus on settling and toning down your daily distractions by creating an “immediate to-do list”. This list will conceive of all the things you have to do, that are on the back of your mind. Some examples include, paying the bills, basic housework, clearing trash, etc. Spend the first day of your weekend clearing as many items off your list as possible.

And on the second day of your weekend, give yourself a break. Stop worrying about the distractions, because you will not be dealing with them today anyway. Find a nice spot at home or at a cafe where you can be comfortable and would not be disturbed by anyone. And just think.

Think about what you currently like to do. What would you want to do if you had an all expenses covered week or month off from your job? What would you always find time to do, even when your schedule is filled to the brim? The answers to these questions will provide hints to your passion. Note that your passions may lie in various places. Do not worry, there is no correct answer to that question. As long as you like doing something and do not mind spending extra time doing it, it can be your passion.

Now, a passion may or may not be a purpose. Racing cars may be your passion, but it may not be your purpose. However, your passion will provide you with hints to your purpose. Racing cars may not be your purpose, but educating the future generation about appropriate racing venues and responsibility on public roads could be it.

Of course, your purpose could be completely unrelated to your passion. For examples, I know of women whose purpose is to gain time freedom, in order to spend time with their young kids. And their passion could be in travel, or cooking.

Your purpose could be in the form of a desire to be able to do what you wish to do.

The key is to take some time off, give yourself a break from the daily distraction of life, and look within to rediscover your purpose.

Pick me up quotes!

Just wanted to share some thought provoking and uplifting quotes today!

“We cannot change the cards we were dealt, just how we play the hands” – Randy Pausch


“The wise man does at once what the fool does finally” – Niccolo Machiavelli
“You learn things in adversity that you would never have discover without trouble. There is always a seed of hope”- Og Mandino
og mandino
“The foolish man seeks happiness in the distance, the wise man grows it under his feet “- James Oppenheim
Spread Happiness!

Best motivational post ever.

If you are frustrated with how the world runs, stop running along with it.

There’s so much you can choose to do…


go jump off a plane,



paint a wall,



build a village, feed a town, nurture children for their smiles.


raise a school, up from the ground.

School children

go to the grand canyon and scream into its vast arms.

grand canyon

Go ahead. Do what you want.

How are you feeling today?



Grabbed this off the internet. Really useful gauge for our emotions.

Look at where you are now and look at where you might be based on the image.

Do you like where you might be heading for? If you are on the right side, I doubt so. So change your emotions by controlling your thoughts. I have realised that by catching myself thinking of a negative thought, I can control and modify my current emotions.

Its midweek, so if you are stressed out by work or pissed off by someone, notice where you are and change it. After all, your emotions ultimately affects you. The environment or the other party will rarely be too affected by your internal state.

Where are you heading emotionally?