Check off an item from your resolutions today!

How many of us have checked off items from our New Year’s Resolution from less than 5 months back?

Here’s an opportunity to check off one of the most popular items on EVERYBODY’s lists:)

As we move into the May, how many of us have clear the list of New Year’s resolution that we have come up with, in less than 5 months ago?

To “give back” and to “help others” are popular New Year resolution list-ers (according to as well as many other notable sites). Is it also on your list?

Here’s an opportunity for you to clear an item from your New Year’s resolution and to make 2014 a special year!

Watch this video clip for more information on what we do.
*Warning, tearing may be induced*

>>>Visit my fundraising page to play a part in this movement!<<<

With the Hug It Forward movement, WorldVentures Foundation aims to raise funds to build bottle schools.

Empty bottles are collected and compacted with trash. These bottles are then put together to build bottle schools. And we need YOUR help.

The bigger picture
Our team has pledge to raise funds for 2 bottle schools this year. Your kind donations will go towards the fulfillment of those 2 bottle schools.

>>>Visit my fundraising page to contribute to the building of 2 bottle schools!<<<

Help others, and help yourself to clear those New Year Resolutions.
$5 can cover your lunch or your daily Starbucks fix. How about donating that same $5 to help the children in Guatemala?

A meagre $5 from you can go a long way.

To make a donation, just go to my fundraising page and hit the big green “DONATE” button at the top of this message.

On behalf of WorldVentures Foundation and the children whose lives are about to change, I salute and THANK you.

If you find this meaningful and wish to help more, please share this message with your friends and love ones!:) Together, we can make a change lives!


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