Robert Kiyosaki’s quadrants

rich-dad-cashflow-quadrant2From his best selling book; Rich Dad Poor Dad, we are looking at Robert Kiyosaki’s famous 4 quadrants today.

Nicely summarised in the image above, the 4 quadrants are namely; Employee, Self Employed, Big Business, and Investor.

Here’s a video by Robert Kiyosaki that delves further into the 4 quadrants;


So…which quadrant(s) do u belong to?

Robert Kiyosaki mentioned that we should strive to move from the left side of the quadrants towards the right side. From trading your limited time and effort for a limited income, to leveraging on other people and making money work for you to increase the cap on your income.

There are many ways for us to move from the left to the right.

We could follow the old school of thought and work in the E or the S quadrant for many years, save up a capital before learning to make the capital work for you as an I. Not that this method is bad, but how  many years would you need to build up that capital? And how much time would you have left for the money to work hard for you? Would the money have enough time to work for you, in order for you to reach your target amount?

Another method is to become an entrepreneur who builds Big Businesses. This is a great path that requires experience, dedication and a strong passion. However, the startup cost is often high.

A third method, is one recommended by Robert Kiyosaki in the following video. Leverage on other people’s effort and time. WATCH THE FOLLOWING VIDEO.

Robert Kiyosaki went on to discuss more about this in a book; The business of the 21st Century.

You can listen to the audio book here;


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