How to move towards your goals.


So, you have thought deeply and seriously about your goals. You have written them down and have meditated upon them. Now that you have your target, what’s next?

map_goalIt’s time to draft out your journey. Just like referring to a treasure map, now you have to determine a route to your goal.

Like everything else, life is going to present some distractions to you on your way to your goal. So today, we will be focusing on “Intention driven actions” .

Intention driven actions are actions you taken with the intention of hitting a particular goal.

Now that you know your goals, its time to PLAN! Think about your goals, and some intention driven actions that you can take. Tag these actions with deadlines and carry them out consistently.

Here are some questions to help you come up with your set of intention driven actions;

What is your purpose of being where you are?

Why do you take certain actions in a day? Do at least some of these actions bring you closer to your goals?

What are some of the actions that your peers or mentors take consistently?


Not every action we take have to be calculated moves, because that can drive one crazy. However, it would be good to carry out at least one intention driven action per day. This will ensure that you are moving towards your goal.


Remember, its good to have fun and enjoy the journey and the scenery. However commit to fulfilling at least ONE intention driven action PER DAY!


Spill your thoughts!

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