Limiting beliefs

limitingBelief_chokeLimiting beliefs are fake beliefs that we form in our heads. These beliefs ultimately limits our ability, ONLY because we believe that we cannot do something or achieve something.

Limiting beliefs are dangerous.

Today, I realised the danger of these limiting beliefs. THEY DONT ONLY AFFECT THE PERSON WHO HOLDS THEM, THEY CAN AFFECT THOSE AROUND THE PERSON. Now, that is dangerous!

It is sad when one is trapped by his or her OWN limiting beliefs. But it is dangerous when one’s limiting beliefs leads to and affect the performance of other.

limiting belief

How I came to realise this.

I work as a swim coach on weekends. There were a couple of kids whom I have been teaching. They were very fearful of the water when they started a few months back. And unknowingly, I had form some limiting beliefs about them and their ability to swim independently. When their parents told them to swim and play in the DEEP pool after the class, it shocked me.

Because of my limiting beliefs about these children, I was unable to speed up their learning process during their swim class. Therefore, they are currently learning at a slower pace than they actually are able to.


Fortunately for me, I am able to correct these limiting beliefs and am planning to speed up their learning in the next lesson.

What do you think about limiting beliefs?

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