Hawthorne Effect

hawthorne1According to Ask.com, The Hawthorne effect is observed when a group of people perform tasks better or improve their behavior, when they know that they are being studied and watched .

Why is this important?

Managers can make use of this effect, by using subtle cues that may ‘warn’ subordinates of their presence.

However, do note that the effect drops with time. And, not everybody will respond to the Hawthorne effect!

For the rest of us, we can make use of this effect to increase our productivity, in line with the concept of an accountability partner. By listing our goals on social media or to our close friends or inner circle (preferrably people whom we respect greatly and would like to be acknowledged by), we will be driven to complete those goals because we would not want to have to admit to these people that we have stop short or missed the goals that we had originally put out.

Hope this tip is useful!


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