Social Media Goldmine Seminar – Building Community

social media

A summary on tips to building your community on social media, from Andrew Chow.


B: Basic

Look at your basic circles to locate brand ambassadors!

E: Extended circle

Once you have looked at the basic circle, look at the extended circle. Look at your current community or fan base to locate your brand ambassadors. Rather than pay a well known star to be an ambassador, a satisfied customer is much more persuasive.


S: Social

Be social. Network and get to know key people of influence.

A tip that Andrew shared here that shook me is that “the faster you give out your namecard, the better.” Heck, I didnt even have namecards yet! Time to make some!


T: Technology

Connect to OTHER CIRCLES through technology. Linkup with other circles to increase your reach on social media!


Build the BEST community for your business;

B: Basic

E: Extended circle

S: Social

T: Technology

Let’s build our community now!


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