Social Media Goldmine Seminar – Content

social media

Here are some tips to creating content!



A: Addictive

Structure contents in the forms of questions. And ask the right questions! Ask questions that make your audience think.

This will bring in comments and increase activity on your social media platform.


Also, certain content are more popular than other. One example is Infographics. These are usually images that summarises complex concepts into simple and visual images.



C: Concise 

Makes everything easier to read. I have personally skipped many article because they were too long. But as content creators, this is an easy mistake to take. Be to the point! Have this at the back of your mind when you are creating content!



E: Emotional

Humans are emotional beings. So connect with humans through their emotions!


Remember ACE!:

A: Addictive

C: Concise

E: Emotional

Have you provided ACE content to your audience?


Spill your thoughts!

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