so you are worried about what THEY think…?


We are used to hearing encouragement like; “don’t worry about what others think”. Its easier said than done. Honest.

But wait, who are ‘THEY’?

Let’s look at this problem from another perspective. Let’s shift the focus from the “don’t worry” to the “others”. Who are these group of people? These “others”, these “they”. Before we worry about what this group of people even think about us, lets find out WHO on earth these people are.

Here are the major categories:

1. Family

The blood related people, and their loved ones. They can be broken down into smaller groups; the parents, the siblings, the close relatives, the ‘annual gathering’ folks. The emphasis of our fear of what they think about us also ranks in the same order.

Nothing much we can do about this group, since they are family. Nothing much we can do except to brush off or grow beyond our fear of what they think about us. Except of the last group; the ‘annual gathering’ folks whom we only worry about once a year.


2. “Friends”

This is a another major group of people. “Friends” is a pretty general group. Let’s avoid lumping all acquaintances in this group.

Let’s break this big group down.

Close friends. Or not.

Or, a better way to break down this group is; successful friends (ie. friends who you want to be like) and average friends (ie. friends whose situations are not particularly attractive to you). Note: this is not meant to bring down anyone. The definition of a successful and an average person depends on you. If you are pursuing music, a successful person may be one who is in a well known, great sounding band as compared to a regular blogger like me.)

Once you break this major group of people down into the successful and the average group, it is so much easier to overcome the fear of being judge. Think it through before you worry. Would you care about what an average person thinks about you when you are successful? Heck, how would the average person think about you once YOU are successful?


Remember the saying; “your net worth is determined by your network”


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