[Review] The Everything Store

the everything store
The Everything Store: Jeff Bezos and the Age of Amazon

First up, I just want to say that this book felt like a long read spanning across several decades. It was captivating though and had me completed the book in a short time. It covers the long journey Bezos had to go through to bring Amazon to its state today, it isnt surprising that there are tons of lessons in the book.

Throughout the book, the author tried to remain unbiased by including the negative reactions and practices that plagued Amazon and its founder. This kept the book fresh and provided views from Amazon’s competitors as well as collaborators.

Here are some of my takeaways from this book;

1. Not everything you do will produce a desired outcome.

…but there will be lessons and takeaways as long as you take action.

An example in the book is the meeting between Bezos and Costco’s founder, with which Bezos ended up with a lesson in retail and management, rather than his original quest of working together with Costco.

2. Have ambition.

Forget about dreaming big. Dream HUGH. and stick to it with “diamond hard” conviction.

3. Have a clear goal.

Here’s what Josh Weinstein said of Jeff Bezos “Jeff decided he wanted it and he worked harder than anyone else”

While Amazon had to go through various phases during its lifespan, Bezos remained clear about the type of company he wanted Amazon to become.

4. Read.

Although Jeff Bezos is seen as a successful man by many, he continues to read. The Everything Store has a list of books recommended by Bezos.

5. Continuous learning.

Although Jeff Bezos is protrayed as a stern and arrogant leader in certain situations, he is willing to learn whenever opportunities arise. I believe this is one of the ways he has guided Amazon through the various ups and downs that the company has faced.

6. Power of contacts (Network)

Bezos was able to convince and recruit some key people through the power of his network.

There are many lessons embedded in this book, and I think that there may be some lessons that could be picked up if you are at a different stage of life/career than me. Do share!


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