Get Rich Radio – How to read a book


Was introduced to this online radio show, Get Rich Radio via a mentor. Its an interesting online radio concept that shares about various tips on mindset and personal development .

There are many interesting features of this program. One of it is that we can earn ‘scholarship dollars’ for every second the radio is left on. So while we learn, we earn ‘scholarship dollars’ that we can use to get access into MORE information products. And its all FREE!

There are live sessions at certain times of the day. I tend to listen to the streams because of my timezone.

Golden nugget

I just listened to the following stream recorded on 3.6.14 (segment 8), on how to read a book.

The speaker was sharing about how he reads a book, which was very useful to me.

Here’s the steps he takes while reading a book

1. Highlight when he sees an interesting point.

2. Before he moves to the next page, he writes down the reason for highlighting the point on a post it and sticks it to the page.

3. He gets a transcriber to compile all his notes once he is done with the book.

Love #3!

Instead of getting a transcriber, we can do that ourselves and refresh our memories at the same time. Love this. Previously, I tend to read a  book, highlight loads of interesting points but NEVER went back to read it. WHAT’S THE POINT THEN?

I am looking forward to learning and picking up more Golden Nuggets from this online radio show. Join me here if you are keen to learn more too. Its free anyway!:D


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