the power of WORDS

power of words

Watch the words that you say to yourself every time you are feeling down.

A mentor just pointed out that, when you are down, use words that will uplift your spirits as well as help to attract the things you want into your life. Don’t let a moment of disappointment attract more disappointing events.

Let’s say we just started a diet and exercise regime. A few days in and you are still not seeing any improvement (duh..), avoid using words or phrases to discourage yourself. Rather, use words or phrases such as “I am ABOUT to get to the ideal figure, its just not showing YET”.

By simply adding the word “yet”, we can psyche ourselves up and continue in the game. And at the same time, we attract the ideal outcome that we want into our lives.

Start using the word “yet” in your self-talk. And remember to NEVER PUT YOURSELF DOWN! 😀


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