Success is a TEAM sport


Picked up something these past few weeks.

“Humans are social beings”. and that “Success is a team sport”.

A “mastermind” or “inner circle” is generally a group of people sharing the same goal in mind.

This group would consist of a mentor who has “been there, done that” and who will guide and advise to help the group members to avoid possible traps that he/she has been through. The group would also tend to consist of other members who are your peers. They will also be great accountability partners who will cheer you on and make sure that you attain your goals. The group would work together, with the mentor in helm, and will spur each other on to action. Working together and celebrating together, results of the group members will serve to motivate other members to greater heights.

It may not be a must, but having an inner circle will help to speed up and make your journey more interesting and fun. Of course being in an inner circle would require one to be equally motivated and focused on the general goal of the team.

For whatever you are working on and planning to achieve, do you have a inner circle or a group of friends who are supporting you, as well as each other?

Or if you are looking for one to aid you in your financial or blogging success, why not join me? Shoot me a facebook message or shoutout!:D


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