What would you do if you won a MILLION dollars today?

Would the money still be around tomorrow, a week from now, a year from now, or even 5 years on? Most (A Google search suggests 50-70%) lottery winners remain broke or become worse off.

The FINANCIAL education of a person plays a BIG role here. Knowing how to EARN money is just a small portion of the education, learning to PRESERVE and EXPAND your wealth is the KEY.


3 thoughts on “JACKPOT!

  1. I agree… wisdom (Proverbs) should be learned, otherwise winners will inherent the wind. One must learn certain behavioral constraints before they proceed towards financial victory. Since I learned of Dave Ramsey, and started getting myself out of debt (40k in under 2 years, my credit rating went from 365 to 730, bought a house, and am looking forward to debt freedom after student loans and mortgage. I also turned a negative into a positive and created an E-Book called “BIE BIE Debt: How to Budget in Excel.” Some might call my success arrogance, and ignore me and turn towards the State for continued assistance. I say – read Proverbs.

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