Learning Tips

First time I have had of ‘DiSSS’. Very useful acronym for learning. and can be applied into other parts of life. As Tim Ferriss says in the video, its all about thinking and analysing creatively.

As explained by Tim Ferriss,

Di: Deconstruction

To break down the skill into smaller parts, focusing on the areas that cause people to fail. IDENTIFY those areas, and AVOID them

S: Selection

Find the 20% of the processes that produces 80% of the results. and FOCUS on learning that 20%. Follows the ‘minimalist’ idea.

S: Sequencing

To do things differently. Play around with the sequence of how things are normally done. QUESTION the ‘normal processes’ and ‘best practices’, and to learn things by doing in reverse.

And, a good tip is to ensure that learning occurs in a situation with NO PRESSURE. No pressure to produce any results.


S: Stakes

Refers to the CONSEQUENCES. An INCENTIVE for you to achieve the outcome you desire. By including a STAKE and a REFEREE who will track your progress, the success rate increases from 25% to ~75%!


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