be careful what you wish for

genie_wishHave you heard of the Law of Attraction? If you have, did you know it works both ways?

Usually when we read about the law of attraction, it is always in the positive terms. Since we DO want to attract the positives into our lives.

However, I would like to warn you that the law of attraction does work both ways. So be careful of what you are attracting.

I recently just experienced this. Had been telling myself that I do not have enough time. And along the midst of things, I took up more responsibilities and commitments. Looking back, I actually had alot of time back then. But I wasnt aware of it. Only recently, I realised that now both my weekends amd weekdays are booked full.

So be careful of what you think and attract. I too, have to change me thinking. Its all about time management. Everyone has the amount of time, everyone has 24 a day. Why is it some appear to always have time and some never do? The only difference, is US.


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