Money vs Money strategies

sieveOnline banking is amazing. I just have to admit. It makes transactions so much simpler and faster. Yes, faster. Online banking becomes a bane if we do not monitor our spendings.

Just logged into my DBS ibanking account and got a shock when I looked at my Account summary. About $10 000 had passed through my account in the 2nd half of 2013, and all I have in that account is less than $2000. WHAT?!

At that moment, I remembered what my mentor once told me; We should put more weight on learning how to KEEP money, rather than how to MAKE money. We should focus more on money STRATEGIES, rather than on the money ITSELF.

Your level of knowledge on the money STRATEGIES determines how fine the holes on your sieve are. Pick up strategies and tighten those holes. Dont let all the liquid flowing down escape too fast.


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