Taken from http://www.stykk.is/comenius/myschool_finland.html 

Recently, I have been reminded on the importance of having a timetable. Yes, those things that we were forced to follow when we were young. There are a bunch of advantage of having one of these even after we have left school! Here are 3 advantages;

Make full use of your time

Once we have a timetable as a guide, we would know exactly what we should do whenever we have free time. Free time is no longer converted into “TV time” or surf-the-internet-till-sleepy time”. Of course, if you wish to put those into your timetable, you can! However, this will help the bunch of us who always find that we do not have enough time, especially after an evening spend in front of the blackbox.

Forms a habit

This works if the timetable is fixed, say it repeats daily, or weekly. After some time (some say its 90 days), we would find that we are getting used to the timetable and the schedule that we had intend to do!

If you have kids who are using a school timetable, just get them to moniter you. They are the experts at the use of a timetable. Imagine having to pack your books and bags for lessons the next day for the whole school term! We were all once experts at the use of a timetable. Plus, kids like to be able to have authority over adults, so they’ll probably bug you till death until you fulfill the tasks on your timetable at the scheduled time.

In line with goal setting

Some of us never accomplish a goal because we do not know how to do it or what to do, or when will we ever have the time to do it. So while you are still in the inspired and motivated state, take the effort to do some research and plan out your timetable. This will give you a better idea of at least what to do next. Heck, you can even schedule a slot on your timetable, just to research on what to do.

But do note, those of us who have a tendency to procrastinate, please get someone who will force you to follow that timetable. A kid will definitely be willing to. Or you could form a team with a bunch of friends, and moniter the progress of the team as a whole!

SO pick up your pens and start planning out your timetable! If you are that lazy, just download a template and get started!


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