[Review] Quitter

Quitter – Jeff Acuff

Picked up this book because I was at a point where I was frustrated with my job. Was probably looking for an argument (or encouragement) to tip the scale and to persuade myself to take action and actually quit.

Currently only halfway through this book. BUT! It is totally different from what I had expected. (partially my fault for not reading the reviews on the book or the small words that tag along after the title; “Closing the Gap Between Your Day Job & Your Dream Job” -.- I was that desperate)

This book is GREAT for people who are juggling between their ‘day’ job and their ‘dream’ job. Acuff shares his experiences and errors he made or almost made while nurturing his ‘dream’ job and holding a ‘day’ job. 

He argues that quitting your ‘day’ job prematurely would only add stress and may end up killing your chance at the dream job.

So……Jeff Acuff basically gives us reasons NOT to quit our ‘day’ job. I only realised that about 2 chapters into the book.*facepalm*

Anyway, I will do a full review on this book once I am done with it. LOOK OUT FOR IT!


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