Life is a GAME

razerTuned in to a sharing session by Tan Min Liang, one of the co-founders of Razer yesterday.

In his short 10 mins talk, he shared three thing he had learnt from his journey;

1. Wasting time may not be a bad thing.

He shared that there were many who have told him that playing games was a waste of his time. However, he felt that those experiences became an asset when he started Razer. Therefore, he shared it might not be a bad thing to ‘waste time’. Your experiences can become your knowledge, your asset.
2. Dont work so hard

In short, he shared that if you feel that you have to put in effort and work hard for something, it may not be your passion. IF you are doing what you enjoy, it will not feel like hard work. It will be FUN.
3. Its ok to get an F. Its not going to get reflected in the things that you want to really do. Failure is great in many ways.

Failure is not the end of the world. Your F on the report card will be forgotten in time to come.

Very interesting sharing session. Thank goodness they had a webcast, glad I didnt miss the sharing.

Great points shared. What struck me the most is the amount of emphasis he placed on having fun and enjoying the process rather than worrying and fretting over the possible returns that particular products would bring. Through the talk, the message I received was the need to relax and to just enjoy the process. Worrying and being uptight about the income did not come into play. Afterall, life is a GAME so do the things you want to do, for the FUN of it. Challenges and obstacles will be present, but just stick at it, be creative and you will eventually find a way to clear the stage.


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