Smart trust actions part 2

smart trust
Source: Smart Trust: Creating Prosperity, Energy, and Joy in a Low-Trust World

This is a follow up of a previous post from a few weeks back.

Finally finished up this book. There were many great insights, was a good read. 

In summary, as I mentioned in a previous post, the authors have listed out 5 Smart Trust actions;

1. Choose to Believe in Trust.

The “foundation” of smart trust is the belief in Trust. How can one practice something that one does not believe in.

2. Start with self.

The authors’ use of this quote is most apt.; “Trust yourself, and you will know how to live” – Goethe

To start with self, is to trust oneself and to become a person whom others can trust. The authors pointed out “Character and Competency” as the two main pillars to becoming one whom others can trust.

The authors also mentioned that “restoring trust is more difficult than establishing it”. In the face of such situations, their advise is that “you cant talk yourself out of a problem, you can only behave your way out.

To build up self-trust, make sure you keep the commitments or promises you make to yourself, even the simple issues like promising to go for a jog.

3. Declare your Intent.

Declaring your intent helps to make your purpose clear to those around you, in addition to reducing suspicion. It is important to only make commitments that you can keep.

4. Do what you say.

This action is coupled with the previous. By doing what you said you would, people would know the value of your spoken word. The authors provided the following quote by their colleague, Roger Merrill, “Making commitments build hopes; keeping commitments build trust.

5. Lead Out in Extending Trust.

This last action is said to separate managers from leaders. Extending trust helps to inspire  and encourage people, improving results. Smart trust requires an element of analysis, however the authors suggest holding the view that everyone is trustworthy and honest, unless otherwise proven.

There were many lessons in this single book, I might have to read through it again. However, I am also looking forward to get my hands on Speed of Trust, another book by Covey. I hope this was useful for you!


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