Holiday lessons



That was the view we had on our drive up a mountain in Korea. Although the visibility was low, no one was worried. That experience taught me two things.

1. GPS

If you know where you are going and have a plan and a map that leads you there, there is less uncertainty and worry. Once we had the GPS set onto our final destination, we trusted and followed the directions, know that we WILL reach our target destination.

This pointed out the importance of having a goal and a detailed plan. Having something to work towards and a idea of how to get there helps to get rid of some level of uncertainty. This also allows you to have some time to enjoy the ride.

2. Experienced guide

Along the way up to the mountain, our GPS went haywire probably due to the poor connection. On the GPS, our car appeared to be off the road. However instead of panicking, this scenario only managed to crack us up. We had an experienced guide who had been to this mountain several times, and he happened to be our driver.

This showed me the importance of having a mentor, or someone who has already experience success in the area where you would want to succeed. Having someone like that to guide us was a great relief. Many people has mentioned the importance of having a mentor, however it was this experience that made it clear to me.


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