Success route

“Success is a number game” – Anonymous

Ever read that quote somewhere, but it didn’t sink in until recently.

I am currently working as  a research assistant in a laboratory, and was told to pick some colonies (of bacteria) to test for the presence of our target gene. This experiment is a literal example of the quote above. The more colonies you pick and test, the more likely you are to stumble upon one or a few which carries your target gene.  If I were lazy and only decided to test a single colony, the chances of hitting the jackpot is pretty narrow. However, if I were to pick 20 or more colonies, there would ideally be at least one positive result.

As I was going about this mundane task, it stuck me that its the same with success, isnt it?

If you were to commit and try out a single path to success, there’s only a certain percentage of chance for you to succeed. And, if you read biographies of successful people, most of them tend to NOT succeed at the first try. However, if you were to persevere and keep trying multiple paths, the chance of success would definitely increase.


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