Just read about “the window and the mirror” observation from Jim Collins’ “Good to Great”

The observation was identified in both level 5 leaders and non-level 5 leaders. Level 5 leaders are those whom were able to bring a good company into sustainable greatness.

In good times, Level 5 Leaders tend to “look out the window” and attribute the company’s success to factors outside themselves. In trouble, Level 5 leaders tend to “look in the mirror” and claim responsibility.

On the other hand, non-level 5 leaders tend to “look out the window” in bad times, and “look in the mirror” in good times.

This is a great lesson for both leaders and individuals. To blame others is to shun responsibility and admit that you do not have control over the situation.  Although taking responsibility is a simple lesson which we have been taught from young, it is not as easy to carry out. At times, it is easier to blame others and make excuses.

Let us make a mental note about this lesson, and take responsibility for our OWN success. No one is responsible for YOUR success. No one is OBLIGED to make YOU a success.


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