live in the moment


“The time is now” seemed to be the theme of my day. From the random readings on facebook in the morning, to the meeting in the afternoon, and the audiobook in the evening, today’s lesson was to live in the moment.

Stop worrying about the future or regretting about the past. Make FULL use of your time NOW. Procrastination means something will never get done. Regretting means you aren’t moving forward. Every moment spent procrastinating, worrying or regretting, is a WASTED moment. Or becomes another moment which you will spend the next moment regretting about. As people always say, “Live your life to the fullest”, “make use of every moment!”

The boss pointed out two main factors for success in today’s meeting; ambition and self-control (or time management). Know your goal (for the particular phase of life you are currently in), focus on it and do not get tempted or distracted by whatever comes your way.




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