[Review] Rich Dad’s Guide to Becoming Rich – without cutting up your credit cards

rich dad
Rich Dad’s Guide to Becoming Rich Without Cutting Up Your Credit Cards: Turn “Bad Debt” into “Good Debt”

Just completed this book. Its a very thin book of only about 90 pages. However there was much more information than I had expected!

The book was written from the view point that every possible future we have comes with a ‘price’. There is a price for becoming rich, which was simplified to be twice the price of what the average people paid.

Kiyoasaki mentioned many concepts in this short book. Some of these include the importance of education, the importance of a personal financial report and the learning pyramid. He also touch upon some of the differences between the mindset of the rich and the mindset of the poor. One of it was that the rich used the assets to pay for their liabilities.

A major takeaway for me was the concept of the learning pyramid. Kiyosaki pointed out that the learning pyramid had 4 major points; mental, spiritual, physical and emotional, and how these 4 points had to be balanced.

 “Fear of failing causes most people to fail” – Rich Dad.

This quote was mentioned in the book. It was an awakening when I read it as I am one who tends to over think and end up not doing anything. I shall keep this quote in mind whenever I am given an opportunity in the future!


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