Sometimes, one needs to motivate oneself before you can motivate others.

It is easy to go with the flow and feel motivated when you are with your friends, but the real challenge comes after you get home and go back to daily life. It could become difficult if the people around you are not on the same page. Social pressure could drain your motivation.

I love searching out for new quotes, and writing them down on a post-it. These post-its become a reminder to me during my ‘downtime’.

Of course, another way to remain motivated is to have a group of friends as a support group. Its good to have a group of people encouraging and motivating each other, and making sure that everyone is making progress.

Another way to remain motivated is to set small achievable goals leading up to your main goal. This would allow you to hit many goals over a shorter period of time, renewing the motivational level at each goal. It would also be good to reward yourself, as you reach each goal.

Whether you think you can or you think you cant, you’re right. – Henry Ford

So, hang in there! All the best:)


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