Connect, Discover, and Respond


In “The Starbucks Experience”,  Michelli shared the following concept of being genuine; to Connect, Discover and Respond.

Although it was taken from Starbucks, I think we can apply the same concept in our daily lives, in the relationships with our family, friends, and colleagues.

No matter what we say, most of us would not mind having a connection with the people we interact with. This connection does not have to be strong or passionate or special, it just has to be present. Therefore, in my opinion, the concept is very apt.

When we are busy, we might end up ignoring the people we care or come into contact with, and this might lead to negative feelings being bottled up.(I am most guilt of this) That will take a toll on future interactions, and on the relationship. Thus, even as we are busy, we should keep this concept in mind.

And as we make use of this concept in our relationships, do keep in mind that the overbearing idea being the concept is to, be genuine.


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