taking risks

Mom said she does not want to do a full health check up because she rather no know if there is anything wrong with her health. This episode reminded me of the picture above.

How would you define risk?
Someone once asked me if what the man is doing in the picture above, is risky. To me, it was and it still is. However, the answer I got was “No, it was not risky”.

The argument was that, everything was calculated, safety measures were in place and the man had experience. Something that looks risky to people who are not trained in the art can be less risky to people who are trained and experienced. Therefore, to minimise and manage our risk, we should learn as much as we can, and make informed decision.

So would you rather know what you are up against and understand your risks before taking action. Or, would you leave everything up to ‘faith’ and just step up to the tightrope?


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